Facebook tells Poles to choose. Fees or advertising

Facebook tells Poles to choose.  Fees or advertising

Facebook and Instagram started sending new notifications to Poles. It’s a subscription offering access to ad-free websites, which has just been launched across Europe. Internet users must choose between a subscription or data transfer.

Polish Facebook and Instagram users started receiving notifications informing about the introduction of a new service on Meta social media platforms. It’s about a subscription to websites that will turn off the ads visible on them. The offer is not mandatory, but none of the choices available are perfect.

“Make a decision about ads” – Facebook tells you to choose a subscription or ads

Recently, entering Facebook, whether in the application or a web browser, can result in a message that has not been seen before. “Make your ad decision. Due to a change in regulations in your region, you can now choose whether or not you want to continue using the Meta Products for free,” reads the beginning of the notification.

Users are informed that they can choose between two options. They can allow the company to track their activity to tailor ads, which will allow them to continue using Facebook or Instagram without fees. The second option is to pay for a subscription that will disable all banner ads on these sites.

After seeing the rather exorbitant price, most Internet users will probably accept the new terms of the service free of charge in order to quickly access the website. However, you should be aware that by doing so, you are directly consenting to the use of data in our accounts for advertising purposes and allowing the use of cookies to target messaging and measure advertising performance.

Facebook and Instagram subscription – prices

As previously announced by the company, the subscription price varies depending on where the service is purchased.

When purchasing a subscription in the browser, the monthly amount for turning off ads is EUR 9.99 (PLN 44.45). The second option is to pay EUR 12.99 (PLN 57.81) if you purchase a subscription on iOS or Android phones. The higher price is due to fees charged by Apple and Google. Purchasing a subscription cuts off ads on all accounts connected in the Account Center panel.

That’s not all, because from March 1, 2024, the company plans to introduce additional fees. After this date, each additional account added to the Account Center will incur a fee of EUR 6 (PLN 26.70) in the case of browsers and EUR 8 (PLN 35.60) when purchasing a subscription on mobile systems.

The platform clearly emphasizes that the new option is the result of changing European Union law, including: introducing restrictions on the collection of data for advertising purposes or the entry into force of the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Markets Act (DMA).

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