Giertych should not run for the Senate? Motyka for “Wprost” about “breaking a good climate”

Giertych should not run for the Senate?  Motyka for "Wprost" about "breaking a good climate" - Wprost

How does the Third Way want to fight the Confederacy? What is the threat when Mentzen, Bosak and Braun come to power? Why is Donald Tusk unable to attract centrist and centre-right voters? What should make Roman Giertych think? These and other questions were answered in the latest episode of the “Talking Wprost” program by Miłosz Motyka, PSL spokesman. We invite you!

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Please watch an excerpt from the episode:

President Andrzej Duda announced on Tuesday that the next parliamentary elections would take place on October 15. At the moment, in the polls, apart from the ruling party and PO, Konfederacja is on the podium. According to politicians of the Third Way, i.e. representatives of PSL and Poland 2050, this means the rule of PiS with the coalition of Mentzen, Bosak and Braun. According to Miłosz Motyka, spokesman for PSL, the most important thing will be who will take third place in the upcoming ones.

The alternative is quite simple. Either Konfederacja will come third, and then we are dealing with a government that will be anti-European and pro-Russian, or Third Way will take third place and this choice will be among the democratic parties. The first task facing us is to show our own clarity, to outline the dispute between us and the Confederation and between us and PiS. If there is anyone in Poland today who is able to convince centrist and centre-right voters, it is neither Donald Tusk nor the Left. It seems that at the moment this is also the reason for the increase in the Confederation’s ratings, said Miłosz Motyka in the “Talking Wprost” program.

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