Robert Lewandowski's honest confession. “My priorities have changed a bit.”

Robert Lewandowski's honest confession.  “My priorities have changed a bit.”

Robert Lewandowski spoke after qualifying for Euro 2024. The striker of the Polish national team revealed that it was the most difficult promotion to a major tournament. Moreover, the 35-year-old talked about his dedication to the team.

The Polish national team won the promotion to Euro 2024 from Wales in a penalty shootout. If it weren't for their high position in the Nations League, the Polish national team would not have had a chance to try to get to this event through the back door. Unfortunately, our players failed in the qualifying rounds under Fernando Santos and only the arrival of Michał Probierz changed the situation of this team a bit.

Robert Lewandowski: The most difficult promotion to the tournament

After the match in Cardiff, WP SportoweFakty journalists talked to Robert Lewandowski about qualification for Euro 2024. According to the captain of the Polish national team, this promotion was the most difficult in his career. – In the past, we were promoted in November or October and there was a seven-month break between competitive matches – he noted.

– She won't be here and that might be good for us. We are developing with each training camp, so we can look positively into the future, he added.

Robert Lewandowski about the end of his career

The FC Barcelona striker was also asked whether this would be his last major tournament in the red and white colors. – I didn't think about it. Physically I feel really good. I'll be 36 soon, but I think I still have two or three years of playing at a high level. My perspective has changed recently.

– This Euro will not help me gain momentum in my career. I won't change the club anymore. However, I know how much this tournament means to the boys. He wants to help them. Be with them, give your best, he emphasized.

Robert Lewandowski on his dedication to the team

Robert Lewandowski admitted that he is already attending the Polish national team training camps with a completely different attitude than before. – I come to training camps with more peace and a smile on my face. I appreciate every next match for the national team. I don't have to prove anything to myself anymore. My individual achievements faded into the background, he emphasized.

– Of course, I still have my ambitions, but there are moments when you have to sacrifice yourself and think about the team. Only as a team could we advance to this championship. What if I played a great game and scored a great goal if we didn't qualify? Many times I had to step back and play it safe. At some point in life, priorities change a bit. As captain, I am proud of this team. We create unity. I see this is going in the right direction. Thank you to all the players and staff. We deserved this promotion, he concluded.

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