Plus sums up 2023 on the mobile internet

Plus sums up 2023 on the mobile internet

In the website’s summary of 2023, Plus won both in the 5G category and in the general mobile internet ranking. The average 5G speed is 134.6 Mb/s, and in the entire Plus network in all technologies it is 49.3 Mb/s.

The year 2023 is also a record average data download speed in the history of the ranking. The historically highest average download speed in Poland also means an increase in the amount of data transferred. In 2023, a record 2.3 exabytes of data were transmitted in the Plus mobile network.

The fastest mobile network in Poland with a record for the amount of data transferred

Thanks to the expansion of the coverage of real 5G, available in Plus for 3 years, and the implementation of innovative technological solutions, such as 5G Ultra, Plus’s mobile Internet was gaining popularity last year.

In the Plus network, 2.3 exabytes of data were transferred in 2023. The volume of internet traffic puts Plus among the leading European mobile operators in terms of data transmission volume.

For comparison, 2.3 exabytes is:

  • that’s about 460 billion songs downloaded,

  • that’s about 1.5 billion downloaded videos,

  • that’s about 575 billion photos downloaded,

  • that’s about 7.6 billion downloaded mobile apps,

  • that’s about 46 trillion downloaded text documents,

  • that’s about 2.3 trillion emails,

  • that’s about 1.150 trillion e-book downloads.

Most importantly, the highest ever amount of data transferred went hand in hand with the improvement of the quality parameters of the Plus network.

Thanks to this, in the summary of 2023, the operator won in the key mobile internet category (including 3G, 4G and 5G). The average download speed in 2023 increased by as much as 26% to 49.3 Mb/s.

According to, the data download speed in Plus was not only the highest compared to other mobile networks, but also reached the highest value in the history of the ranking.

5G development

The latest data also confirm the increasing importance of 5G technology. This is visible in the growing number of speed tests carried out by users using this technology. Compared to 2022, in 2023 their number doubled – to over 306,000 tests.

Plus has remained the consistent leader in the 5G category for three years. The average speed of real 5G, available in Plus for 3 years, was 134.6 Mb/s, which is more than twice as fast as the next operator in the ranking.

At the beginning of 2023, Plus made 5G available for free to all customers, and in June it launched 5G Ultra. This is a unique technological solution that uses the aggregation of three radio bands – two in 5G technology (2600 MHz and 2100 MHz) and an additional 4G layer (1800 MHz) – for fast data transmission. For customers, this means uninterrupted online meetings, comfortable and hassle-free remote work, easier remote learning, smooth viewing of high-quality videos and fast file downloads.

Currently, the real and fastest 5G Internet already covers over 20 million Polish residents in almost 1,000 towns in all voivodeships. However, over 5 million Polish residents can use 5G Ultra, i.e. mobile Internet as fast as optical fiber.

Fast faster Fastest…

2024 will be the year of further expansion of 5G at Plus. Thanks to the resolution of the 5G auction and the purchase of a block in a new frequency, the capabilities of Plus’s mobile network will develop even further. Providing customers with a new frequency for 5G, together with the aggregation of previously used radio resources, will further increase speeds and increase network capacity. Thanks to this, users will receive a service with even better parameters, allowing them to increase the possibilities of using the 5G network.

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