New solutions for companies based on AI

New solutions for companies based on AI

Artificial intelligence increasingly serves companies as a new tool to facilitate work. According to statistics, up to one in four organizations already use AI. This innovative solution increases entrepreneurs' income and shows their business development on the market.

Building competences in the field of AI

Every year we observe more and more technological development. The availability of GPT chat has changed a lot in many industries, but we still lack knowledge in developing cutting-edge AI solutions. Companies often invest in the development of employees in the field of artificial intelligence so that the implemented activities will bring profits over time. The key will be to obtain long-term value from the changes made and take advantage of new opportunities in various business areas.

AI – billion-dollar profits or an artificial “trap”

According to an EY report, Poland will be among the beneficiaries of AI. Our country can gain up to USD 90 billion a year. Poland was ranked seventh among the economies of the EU, USA, Great Britain and Switzerland with the highest annual production capacity generated thanks to the support of this technology. According to research conducted by EY Polska – How domestic companies implement AI – they indicate that 62% of medium and large organizations have completed or are in the implementation phase of artificial intelligence. The main motivators are the improvement of internal processes (40%) and the opportunity to better reach customers (34%). It is important to emphasize the dominant, positive motivation to introduce changes, directly related to the perception of benefits.

Polish companies that trust AI

Generative artificial intelligence in Poland is most often used by marketing (47%), sales (34%) and IT (26%) departments. According to the study, implementations are also planned in areas such as R&D (60%), production (53%) and finance (53%). When it comes to marketing departments, these are mainly digital agencies, marketing agencies, sales platforms, and e-commerce companies. In turn, in IT departments, these are companies mainly related to electronics, technology and robotics.

The topic of artificial intelligence at the Ptak Warsaw Expo

Raising awareness among entrepreneurs and employees of various industries during debates at the Fair is the main task of Quantum Media Group. Mr. Błażej Chyła knows a lot about AI because he initiated solutions for companies in the field of artificial intelligence. Which solutions are worth using and which are not?

Implementation of the new Tech by Holding Quantum Media Group; Quantum Neuron is the answer to the existing one and identified by me market need on adaptations of Artificial Intelligence. Just look at Nvidia's stock, breaking through the magical market valuation and overtaking Apple. Similarly to the dotcom bubble, the market prices new technology. We are taking a step forward and implementing AI and Machine Learning solutions in real market solutions. The first successful implementations were carried out before the official announcement of ChatpGPT, it is a virtual clinic in Germany, with a unique AI engine for facial examination and recommendation of cream/care for a given user. . We are the progenitors of AI solutions; We received an award for this project in 2022:– says Błażej Chyła.

Currently, such solutions are standard. This only indicates the level of adaptation of consumers and the business fabric in general to the implementation of such solutions. As Quantum Neuron, months of work were culminated in the Turing Test on the tested consumer group. Faith turned into knowledge that optimization of onboarding, sales and helpdesk processes is possible with specific integrations facilitating the purchase or contact path in a given organization. We saw it and felt it.

Pro-social activities using our algorithms/solutions are invariably in the Holding's DNA. I believe that technology without global adaptation and support for positive change is deprived of one of the engines of change; Altruism… Let this also be a punchline to all those who see a threat in advancing technology – adds Chyła.


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