The Polish champion spoke about depression. It talks about constant pursuit

The Polish champion spoke about depression.  It talks about constant pursuit

Justyna Święta-Ersetic is gradually returning to competition at the highest level. After the Copernicus Cup competition, she talked a bit about the problems that had been troubling her in recent months.

Last year was the most difficult year in her career for Justyna Święta-Ersetic. Due to an injury, she was forced to withdraw from the world championships. Additionally, she shared on social media that she was struggling with depression. She watched everything from the sidelines, and now she is back to competing. It has big challenges ahead of it.

Saint-Ersetić talks about depression

It can be said that 2023 was a year of success for the outstanding athlete. Health problems were one thing, but she also had to fight for her mental health. In the last Copernicus Cup competition, she took second place in her 400-meter race. After the competition, when she was asked about the mental issue, she decided to confide in her.

– I really only communicated what I wanted to say, without going into too much detail. I believe that after all this I have recovered and I am coping. I needed this time, because in fact, since I entered the higher level, nothing had ever happened to me before, I started every season in the hall and at the stadium – said Justyna Święta-Ersetic in an interview with Interia.

The 31-year-old pointed out that years of competing at the highest level had taken a heavy toll on her body. He was braking more and more.

– I think that finally it came to the point that my body started to show itself physically, but I was also mentally tired of it all, which was caused by injuries, pressure and constant pursuit. Now I hope that I have a great season ahead of me, she added.

The Olympic Games are the main goal

Justyna Święta-Ersetic obviously intends to be in top form for the Olympic start in Paris. This season could be extremely intense for her. At the beginning of March, he may take part in the World Indoor Championships in Belgrade. Then there will be a trip to training camps in South Africa and the USA, which will be preceded by the relay competition in the Bahamas, which is a qualification for the relay teams for the Olympics.

As she emphasizes, her plans for the coming months are ambitious, but she must be in good health. And we remember perfectly well that when a runner is healthy, she is a strong part of the Polish national team. In 2021, during the Games in Tokyo, she won gold in the mixed 4×400 meters relay and silver in the women’s 4×400 meters relay.

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