The Ministry of National Defense is sealing the Polish sky. Gigantic investments in air defense

The Ministry of National Defense is sealing the Polish sky.  Gigantic investments in air defense

The first half of September was extremely interesting in terms of the multi-year program of modernization and expansion of the potential of the anti-aircraft defense component. As the example of Ukraine shows, this element of the Polish Armed Forces required gigantic investments, which were managed to be prepared even before the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The key event was September 5, when, during the first day of the 31st International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce, Minister of Defense Mariusz Błaszczak and the Armament Agency signed intergovernmental agreements with the United States administration regarding the purchase of equipment under the second phase of the Wisła program. In total, they have a net value of USD 9.3 billion, which makes it one of the largest export contracts concluded with the United States in recent years.

Once again, Poland will lead the way as it will be the first export user for the latest products of the American defense industry.

The first contract concerns the purchase and delivery of twelve multi-functional GhostEye LTAMDS radar stations, which will be provided by the RTX corporation (formerly Raytheon). According to the schedule, they are to be delivered to Poland in 2026-29. Thanks to the fact that Poland is the first export customer for these radars, we managed to negotiate an attractive offset package, which includes the supply of some components. The new stations will constitute a new quality for the Patriot PAC-3+ system, because, unlike those previously used (also in Poland), they will enable 360° observation of the airspace.

This, combined with the advanced IBCS command and control subsystem, will result in air defense units armed with Patriot PAC-3+ systems in the new configuration having full situational awareness.

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