Piotr Żyła was a victim of judges? He got them used to it

Piotr Żyła was a victim of judges?  He got them used to it

After the first series of the competition in Innsbruck, it seemed that Piotr Żyła would be in contention for the podium in the Austrian competition. Ultimately, “Wiewiór” took fourteenth place on Wednesday. After the competition, the Polish jumper summed up his performance.

It was quite a successful competition for the Polish ski jumping team. Piotr Żyła and Kamil Stoch were in the fight for a place in the top ten in Innsbruck for a long time. Ultimately, none of them entered it, and “Wiewiór” may have been particularly disappointed. The Pole ruined his second attempt, ultimately falling by as many as ten places compared to how he opened Wednesday’s ski jumping in the Four Hills Tournament.

Piotr Żyła opens up about his performance in Innsbruck

After the competition, “Wiewiór” assessed what happened on the ski jumping hill in Innsbruck in front of Eurosport’s cameras. It was very close to the podium at the halfway point, but unfortunately it was a disappointment.

– I have a bit of a grudge against myself. It wasn’t as good a jump, the second one as the first one. Well, it worked out the old way (…) This is our sport, you have to keep working and be patient. Let’s hope that these jumps will start to improve – admitted Żyła.

“Wiewiór” also commented on the judges’ marks for the jump in the first competition series. The Pole had problems after landing, which was assessed harshly. It seems a bit… too harsh, considering the Pole’s actual mistakes.

– It is already accepted that I land badly. But there is no point in worrying about these few more points. You have to get down to work, I think things are slowly getting better – he said with a smile, in his “Wiewiór” style.

One competition until the end of the 72nd Four Hills Tournament

There is only one installment left to decide the most prestigious series in the World Cup. On Friday and Saturday, January 5 and 6, the jumpers will compete in Bischofshofen, Austria.

Friday’s edition includes official training (2:15 p.m.) and qualifications (4:30 p.m.). A day later, on Saturday, the decisive results during the competition. The jumpers will start with a trial series (15:30), and the competition for victory in the 72nd TCS will start at 16:30.

The ski jumpers’ competition during the World Cup season can be followed on Eurosport and on TVN. Additionally, online broadcast is available, among others: via Player and Polsat Box Go, with available Eurosport channels.

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