He was compared to two stars. The coach is sure of it

He was compared to two stars.  The coach is sure of it

A famous coach explained why Aleksander Zniszczoł did not win the competition in Willingen. It was an issue that comes with experience. There is no other way.

On the weekend of February 3-4, Aleksander Zniszczoł had two opportunities to stand on the podium for the first time in his career or even win the World Cup competition. However, he wasted both of these opportunities. Why? Jan Szturc decided to explain this in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”

He was compared to two stars

In a conversation about the Polish ski jumper, he recalled two other stars from foreign teams. One of them was Gregor Schlierenzauer – in his context, the coach recalled that he entered the World Cup by storm at a young age and had no problems with the jump from juniors to seniors. Later he mentioned Manuel Fettner, who reached a high level only after he was “thirty”. – Jumping is a sport for the extremely patient – ​​he concluded.

Szturc then referred to the Pole’s performances in Willingen. In Saturday’s competition, he was in 3rd place after the first series, and then dropped to 8th place. On Sunday it was even worse, because after the first series he was leading and then dropped back to 8th place. The trainer commented on this clearly. – To win the World Cup you have to be mature. Not only physically, but also mentally, he said.

The coach is sure of it

He added that he understood that before the second jump, Zniszczoł could imagine himself on the podium and it did not help him, although it is natural because every athlete dreams of success. – Only with experience does a jumper acquire the ability to switch off and cut himself off from thinking about success – he explained. This means that after a good first jump, you only think about doing equally well in the second one, and not about the victory or medal itself.

Szturc, however, believes that the 29-year-old will still have time to gain sufficient self-confidence in this area. In Willingen or Zakopane he was supposed to “pay a fortune”, but we should expect that Thomas Thurnbichler’s player will soon stand on the podium in the World Cup – It’s a matter of time – he said and praised Zniszczoł for his technique.

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