PZPN has a plan in case of defeat in the EURO play-offs. Scheduled friendly match

PZPN has a plan in case of defeat in the EURO play-offs.  Scheduled friendly match

The Polish national team got to know its potential rivals in the group stage of EURO 2024. Before the White and Reds get a chance to play in Germany, they must win the play-offs. PZPN has already prepared a plan in case Probierz’s team loses in the match against Estonia.

The Polish national team must look for its chances to play in the 2024 European Championships through the play-offs. Poor play in the EURO 2024 qualifiers meant that Michał Probierz’s players missed direct promotion. The road to Germany leads through two obstacles. First you have to beat Estonia at home, and then a few days later you have to win the clash between Wales and Finland.

PZPN has a plan in case of defeat against Estonia

Only after defeating the second rival will Poland be able to enjoy promotion to the European tournament. It is already known that if the White and Reds advance, they will go to Group D of EURO 2024. The Dutch, Austrians and French are already waiting there.

The Polish Football Association is prepared for many scenarios – including the one that does not assume the White and Reds playing on German pitches in June 2024. As Jakub Kwiatkowski, national team spokesman, said in an interview with the “Meczyki” channel, in the event of a defeat against Estonia, Michał Probierz’s players will play a few days later against the loser of the clash between Wales and Finland. As he added, playing a match against one of these rivals was imposed by UEFA.

– One of these teams, Poland or Estonia, will go to Cardiff or Helsinki and play either a play-off or a friendly match there. This was imposed by UEFA and was known immediately after the draw for this play-off path. Each team must play ten matches a year. The television stations paid for this and it is known that those who are eliminated in the semi-finals of the play-offs will play a friendly match against each other on the second date – said Kwiatkowski.

Poland will play in the play-offs for EURO 2024

The play-off match against Estonia will take place on March 21 in Warsaw. The possible final of the play-offs will take place on March 26 away (in Wales or Finland).

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