The favorite of the Polish audience ends his career. This is a loss for ski jumping

The favorite of the Polish audience ends his career.  This is a loss for ski jumping

Peter Prevc officially announced his retirement. This is surprising information, considering the player’s age. His departure from the sport is a loss for the spectacle.

Peter Prevc won a lot of trophies in ski jumping, but we will remember him most from the 2015/16 season. Back then, he won as many as 15 competitions. In addition, he stood on the podium 22 times, and his lowest position throughout the season was 11th place – the only place outside the top ten. He crushed all other jumpers in the general classification of the World Cup, and received the crystal ball in the presence of nearly 70,000 fans in Planica, Slovenia.

Competition with Kamil Stoch

The Slovenian has already shown that he can be the best jumper in the world. We remember his beautiful fight with Kamil Stoch at the highest level competitions – the world championships in 2013 and the Olympic Games in the following season. He took home silver and bronze from both events in the individual competition. He was waiting for his dream triumphs and they came in the previously mentioned 2015/16 season.

Then, apart from the World Cup, he became the ski flying world champion and won the Four Hills Tournament, winning three of the four competitions. He is also the first person in history to ski a distance of at least 250 meters. This took place on the “mammoth” in Vikersund.

It cannot be denied that the oldest of the Prevc brothers is one of the favorites of the Polish audience, taking into account foreign players. You can see it on our ski jumps, but also on social media. His decision to end his career probably hurts many fans, but Peter apparently decided that it was time to say “Stop”.

Peter Prevc’s dangerous fall in Planica

Last year, before the world championship competitions on the large hill in Planica, Peter Prevc had a serious accident. Everyone was afraid for his health, and he was forced to end the season prematurely. When he returned to the hill, it seemed that he intended to jump as long as possible. He is looking really good in the current campaign, and together with his teammates he won gold in the Ski Flying World Championships.

Therefore, when on Tuesday morning the Slovenian media reported that the famous athlete would announce his retirement at 1 p.m., fans did not believe it. And especially since he is only 32 years old. However, this information was confirmed. Peter Prevc will hang up his skis after the end of the current season.

He is scheduled to make his last jumps in March – on his beloved Letalnica. It seems that many Slovenian fans will come to the facility again and pay tribute to him. We are talking about one of the icons of ski jumping. The 2015/16 season will be remembered forever by everyone, as will the jumper’s individual successes and personality, which made many fans like him.

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