The revolution in Cracovia continues. Important change in a key position

The revolution in Cracovia continues.  Important change in a key position

Big changes are taking place in one of the Ekstraklasa clubs. Stefan Majewski is leaving Cracovia, which has already been officially confirmed. The belts issued a statement on this matter.

There have been big changes in Cracovia recently. It started with the tragic news about the death of Professor Janusz Filipiak, the head of Comarch, and the Pasy themselves. Then, Mateusz Dróżdż became the club’s president. Now we have learned about another significant change in a key position.

We are talking about the departure of the current sports director. For a long time, this function was held by Stefan Majewski, a former PZPN activist and former coach of the Polish national team. Interestingly, until recently Dróżdż was not sure whether he wanted to change this position – he talked about it in an interview with Some said it was a foretaste of change, others said it was just the opposite.

Stefan Majewski leaves Cracovia

Time has shown that the first group was right, as we saw on February 6. It was on that day that a relatively laconic statement on this matter appeared on the official website of Pasy.

“I would like to thank Stefan Majewski for his many years of work and commitment to the Club’s activities. We will inform you about further decisions in the near future – said Mateusz Dróżdż, president of Cracovia. A new sports director will be elected after the club’s structure is approved. Until then, Filip Trubalski, who will act as the coordinator of the sports department, and Mateusz Dróżdż, president, will take over the responsibilities in this area. We would like to thank Stefan Majewski for his work and commitment to the development of Cracovia,” we read in the statement.

The 68-year-old has been working at the club from Małopolska since October 2021. Additionally, he was entrusted with the role of vice president. Now, however, it has been decided to part with him by mutual consent, which was also emphasized in the issued statement. It is not known whether there will be further changes soon, because there is a lot of talk about the potential dismissal of coach Jacek Zieliński.

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