Shrines on a well-known trail were completely destroyed. “I feel ashamed for the people who did this.”

Shrines on a well-known trail were completely destroyed.  “I feel ashamed for the people who did this.”

People who had the opportunity to climb Mount Łyska near Żywiec encountered a very unpleasant sight on the way. Someone completely devastated roadside religious shrines.

It is regularly observed around the world that tourists do not always respect nature or cultural assets. Acts of vandalism occur not only in Poland, but also in, among others, in Spain or Italy. We have already witnessed how the water in the famous Trevi Fountain changed color because someone decided to pour paint into it. Other times, famous statues or artistic installations were destroyed. Now the sad news concerns our country. The reprehensible act took place on a mountain trail near Żywiec. Almost nothing remains of the roadside shrines.

They devastated shrines on the mountain trail. An appeal was made

Two devastated religious chapels can be seen on the mountain trail leading to Łyska. This is one of the most beautiful points on the map of Żywiec. There is a beautiful route to the top, enriched with small religious objects. Tourists can, for example, pray or simply rest there. It turned out that some tourists were very bothered by this.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, today I received photos from one of the Internet users of two chapels located on the tourist trail leading to Łyska. In recent days, unknown perpetrators have devastated these religious buildings” – this was part of the appeal published on Facebook by Mr. Antoni Szlagor – the man is a well-known local government official and mayor of Żywiec since 2002.

The post draws attention to a serious problem and the unpleasant consequences of thoughtlessness. Unfortunately, the area was not monitored, so it may be difficult to catch the perpetrators. Nevertheless, the case is currently being handled by the City Guard.

It's a sad sight. This is what the chapels looked like after the act of vandalism

The above-mentioned Facebook post also includes several photos sent to the mayor of Żywiec. Witnesses to the destruction captured two completely destroyed objects. Around them you can see broken elements and crushed glass everywhere. There were flowers left in some of the vases, but the figurines were left in poor condition.

Internet users who had the opportunity to see the unpleasant image did not hide their disappointment. There were almost a hundred sad reactions under the photos. “We will, of course, try to repair the damage, but I am very sorry that people are currently disturbed by even places such as roadside shrines. I am ashamed of the people who did it,” Mr. Szlagor said in his statement.

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