Petru: I am in favor of every Sunday being commercial

Petru clearly about state-owned companies.  "I am in favor of having as few of them as possible"

What next with shopping Sundays? The head of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, Ryszard Petru, has a clear position on this matter. – We need to get out of the situation where everything is banned and the government tells them when to rest, he says.

Ryszard Petru returned to the Polish Sejm. He joined it from the Third Way list and immediately became the head of the Finance Committee. At a certain stage of forming the government, it was claimed that he had a chance to become the minister of finance.

– For now, everything indicates that the government is in order. I will work as the chairman of the Finance Committee in the Sejm, and there is a lot of work – said Ryszard Petru on Polsat News. He indicated what the committee members would do first.

– The additional trading Sunday before Christmas will be December 10. You will be able to do your shopping calmly, if possible before Christmas – he said, referring to the project that was proposed instead of the December 24 purchases. This year, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, which should be a commercial Sunday.

Shopping Sundays. What’s next for the recipe?

Ryszard Petru also commented on his preferences regarding trading on Sundays.

– I am a supporter of all Sundays being commercial, but I know that a compromise must be sought in the coalition. Either they will be all commercial or every other one. We must look for a solution that will be supported by the parliamentary majority – he said.

– We need to get out of the situation where everything is banned and the government tells them when to rest. It’s also about the economy. We are losing a lot of money because trading doesn’t work on Sundays – added the head of the Finance Committee.

State Tribunal for Adam Glapiński

Ryszard Petru was also asked about the idea of ​​bringing the president of the National Bank of Poland, Adam Glapiński, to the State Tribunal.

– It is highly probable that such a request will appear. It is a sincere complaint. The work is ongoing, if there is such a proposal, it will see the light of day – he said.

– He won’t be taken out. There will probably be a motion to bring him before the State Tribunal. He violated the Constitution by financing the state debt from NBP funds, which is prohibited. If there is a crime, there must be a punishment. Otherwise, the Constitution is a meaningless paper – he said, referring to Donald Tusk’s frequently commented words from the election campaign.

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