Problems of one of the advisors to the investigative committee. “Nobody thought he was doing things like this.”

Problems of one of the advisors to the investigative committee.  “Nobody thought he was doing things like this.”

Jakub Kalus, advisor to the commission for envelope elections, took part in the demonstration during which portraits of MEPs were hung on gallows – TVN24 found out. Dariusz Joński commented on the reports.

In January 2024, members of the investigative committee on envelope elections selected three advisors. Among the experts was Jakub Kalus, whose candidacy was then proposed by Confederation MP Witold Tumanowicz.

Jakub Kalus at a nationalist demonstration

The National Movement politician emphasized that the employee of the legal department of his parliamentary club has legal experience, which he gained during relevant studies and as a judge's assistant in two Silesian courts. When presenting his candidacy, he also assured that he was helpful and would contribute to the work of the committee.

TVN24 received information confirming Kalusa's participation in the loud demonstration of national groups in 2017. The participants of the protest in Katowice carried portraits of six MEPs, which they hung on installations symbolizing gallows. At that time, they opposed the European Parliament resolution on the rule of law in Poland, which they supported.

The chairman of the investigative committee comments

In connection with the incident, the court illegally sentenced two people to a fine and to pay legal costs. The current advisor was sent back from the Ministry of Justice, to which he was previously delegated from the District Court in Gliwice. The website asked the chairman of the investigative committee, Dariusz Joński, to comment on the incident.

The MP from the Civic Coalition announced that he had asked Kalus and Tumanowicz to respond to the information, and their response would be assessed by the presidium at the next meeting. – The committee was not aware of whom MP Tumanowicz nominated and presented his CV. If he is a lawyer, no one would have expected that he would do such things – he admitted in an interview with He also assured that the presidium would address this issue at the beginning of the meeting.

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