Błaszczak reacts to Hołownia’s declaration. “Triumph of Putin and Lukashenko”

Błaszczak reacts to Hołownia's declaration.  "Triumph of Putin and Lukashenko"

Szymon Hołownia stated that “push-backs must be ended, but a real system for protecting our border must also be created.” Mariusz Błaszczak did not like these words. The head of the Ministry of National Defense said that the Speaker of the Sejm “has no idea” about the threats resulting from illegal migration.

Szymon Hołownia appeared in Białystok on Friday, November 24, where he was asked about the steps necessary to end the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. The Deputy Speaker of the Sejm assessed that “pragmatism does not exclude humanitarianism, and security does not exclude humanity.” – Push-backs must end. They are illegal and inhumane. A real system for protecting the Polish border must be created, because the border must be tight and safe, said Hołownia.

Szymon Hołownia on illegal migration

The leader of Poland 2050 pointed out that mothers with children, seriously ill people, elderly people and people from countries where persecution is actually ongoing, but also economic migrants from countries where there is no war, come to the border. The Marshal of the Sejm emphasized that “the Polish state must be able to distinguish the situation of both.”

Hołownia explained that, depending on the needs, such a person should be cured, allowed to submit documents and have them considered, or quickly and efficiently deported in a humane way, consistent with the law and the principles of humanity, if such a person does not have the right to protection or crossed the border contrary to the regulations. . – Putin and Lukashenko will do everything to push their agents here, who will not always speak Russian and whose name is Ivan Ivanovich – he concluded.

Mariusz Błaszczak about the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border

Mariusz Błaszczak referred to the words of the Speaker of the Sejm on social media. “As soon as Marshal Hołownia improves the situation on the border, he will start creating a system that will bring peace and happiness to the world,” the Minister of National Defense began at the beginning.

“Seriously, the marshal has no idea what is happening there and what threat our soldiers and officers face from illegal migrants and Belarusian services. Any concession in defense of the border means a repeat of Lampedusa in Poland and a triumph for Putin and Lukashenko,” concluded the head of the Ministry of National Defense.

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