Over 16 thousand flights canceled. All because of changes in air traffic control

Over 16 thousand  flights canceled.  All because of changes in air traffic control

In the first months of 2024, several thousand flights will be canceled in France. This is all because of the modernization that the local air traffic control system is to undergo.

Although it might seem that the situation in the sky has stabilized somewhat after the holiday season, further problems appear. In one European country, a modernization of the air traffic control system is planned, which may lead to temporary paralysis. Thousands of flights will have to be canceled due to the changes.

France cancels over 16,000 flights

France cancels over 16,000 flights in early 2024 due to the modernization of air traffic control. In January and February, thousands of sailings will not take place for this reason. This mainly applies to connections to and from Paris. Unfortunately, this is a necessary step because the systems here need to be updated.

French air traffic control currently works with a system developed in the 1970s – sometimes still using strips of paper to represent incoming planes. Although the system has been regularly modernized over the years, a major overhaul is scheduled for early 2024. All because of the huge increase in air traffic.

The scale of the modernization operation is huge – almost 80 percent requires changes. system.

Passengers will experience difficulties

As the system is updated, the first two months of the year may be less comfortable for passengers. More than 2.5 million flights pass through French airspace every year and disruptions here could impact travel across Europe.

Preliminary estimates show that approximately 16,500 trips will be canceled for the duration of the works. flights. Between January 9 and February 14, airlines were advised to reduce the number of flights departing from and arriving at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, Orly, Le Bourget and Beauvais by 20 percent.

The new software has already been implemented in air traffic control centers in Reims and Aix-en-Provence, but still needs to be tested in the largest center in Athis-Mons. During these six weeks in early 2024, the software will be tested before it is finally launched in November.

Which flights will be canceled? It depends on the airlines, but they will likely prioritize long-haul routes.

Air France told French media that it “was forced to cancel some short and medium-haul flights during this period” – a total of more than 4,200 across the Air France-KLM group. In an attempt to minimize the impact on passengers, the airline has already canceled them and offered passengers an alternative.

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