Napieralski demands that Braun be cut off from YouTube. “His channel made 70,000. zloty”

Napieralski demands that Braun be cut off from YouTube.  “His channel made 70,000.  zloty"

MP Grzegorz Napieralski from the Civic Coalition in “Poranek Polskiego Radio 24” called for cutting off MP Grzegorz Braun from social media. He also referred to the behavior of Marshal Krzysztof Bosak in the face of the fire extinguisher incident.

On Tuesday, December 12, just before 5 p.m., Grzegorz Braun from Konfederacja took a fire extinguisher and extinguished the Hanukkah candle standing in the Sejm. As a result, the corridors were filled with powder from the fire extinguisher and there was a lot of smoke around. – There can be no place for acts of racist, tribal, wild, Talmudistic worship on the premises of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland. As I understand it, the people gathered here are ignorant. You are not aware of the content of this act, this message, innocently called Hanukkah – the Confederate politician tried to explain his scandalous behavior.

– Racist motives have been attributed to me here, while I am restoring a state of normality and balance here, putting an end to acts of Satanic, Talmudic triumphalism, because this is the message of these holidays – he added.

Braun excluded from the proceedings by the Speaker of the Sejm

The Marshal of the Sejm decided to exclude the politician from further participation in the Sejm session due to the fact that it was impossible to conduct the session. – There could be only one reaction from the Sejm Presidium. MP Braun was excluded from the Sejm session by me personally, i.e. he will not be able to participate in this session until the end of this session. I called a break for him to leave the room. He left the Sejm building and I hope he will return here soon, said Szymon Hołownia

– Available recordings show that Grzegorz Braun disrupted a religious ceremony using a fire extinguisher and violated the physical integrity of people who took part in the ceremony. In a moment, together with the commander of the Marshal’s Guard, we will carefully analyze the recordings and monitoring, because we need to be sure about the qualification of the act – explained the Marshal of the Sejm.

Napieralski: Bosak acted passively. It could have been canceled

The vice-marshal of the Confederation commented on Braun’s behavior and the passivity of the chairman of the meeting at the time, Grzegorz Napieralski from KO on Wednesday. He started by assessing Krzysztof Bosak. – As the leader of the group from which Grzegorz Braun comes, he did nothing to punish this MP. These penalties were imposed on the initiative of the Presidium of the Sejm, and in fact the Marshal of Hołownia. Marshal Bosak remained passive in the face of such a great scandal. Regardless of who it is from any party, everyone’s reaction should be the same, he said.

– An application has been submitted to the prosecutor’s office, there is a parliamentary penalty, a statutory penalty. However, please remember that we should also consider in the Sejm, in accordance with the law, of course, what to do to prevent Grzegorz Braun from earning money from these incidents. I don’t know if, ladies and gentlemen, you know that his YouTube channel earned PLN 70,000 last year. zlotys. Because it is watched, because such incidents happen and because advertisements appear there, Napieralski pointed out.

– What I mean is that we should not only focus on what is so normal in our opinion: the prosecutor’s office, the court, the punishment of MP Braun, but also the world has changed, it is modern – that we should cut it off from everything that brings him political profits and image-related, but also financial, as it turns out. This situation must be clarified and if we can take such steps, I would take them, he said.

– As for Marshal Bosak, this is the request of the Left and today there is such an atmosphere around Marshal Bosak that if this vote had taken place yesterday, he would definitely have been canceled. Today, the atmosphere is very unpleasant, so Marshal Bosak may feel threatened, he added.

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