Patryk Jaki about the visa scandal. “Manipulative action to defend Tusk”

Patryk Jaki about the visa scandal.  "Manipulative action to defend Tusk"

At a press conference as part of the “Safe Future of Poles” program, PiS representatives raised the issue of forced relocation. Bochenek, Jaki and Szynkowski vel. Sęk also announced an action against PO.

On Monday, September 18, a press conference of Law and Justice was held as part of the “Safe Future of Poles” program. The meeting was attended by PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek, Minister of European Union Affairs Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk and MEP Patryk Jaki.

Patryk Jaki: We are announcing an action

– Opposition politicians defended all EU migration solutions (…) We are fighting the EU bureaucracy – said the former candidate for the mayor of Warsaw. Patryk Jaki emphasized that representatives of the Civic Platform do not admit that they supported forced relocation in the European Parliament. – We are announcing an action: the results of votes in the European Parliament (…) will be pasted in PO offices throughout Poland for the next several dozen hours – he announced.

The MEP also referred to the issue of the visa scandal. – A huge manipulation operation is currently underway – he argued. According to the politician, publicizing the controversial procedure is an attempt to redirect the accusations. – If there are any irregularities, we clarify them immediately and they concern a percentage of all matters – Jaki summed up.

PiS will not agree to the EC’s proposal

The Minister for the European Union emphasized the importance of the referendum for future talks on migration. – Tusk is attacking the referendum and does not want citizens to express their opinion in it (…) For us, the voice of citizens is of fundamental importance – said Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, calling the attitude of the Civic Coalition “the policy of relocating illegal migrants.”

The PiS spokesman commented on the actions of the European Commission in connection with the migration crisis on one of the Italian islands. – The President of the European Commission went to Lampedusa and no reflections came from this visit – said Rafał Bochenek. He assured that the Law and Justice government would not agree to the mechanism proposed by Ursula von der Leyen, based on the relocation of immigrants from Italy to other countries.

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