The banner of a PiS MP “decorated” with a swastika and vulgar slogans. “This is what a hate campaign looks like”

The banner of a PiS MP "decorated" with a swastika and vulgar slogans.  "This is what a hate campaign looks like"

Bartosz Kownacki’s banner has been painted. It contained vulgar slogans: “Fuck PiS”, “death to PiS” and “die”. Other banners of Law and Justice politicians in the region were also destroyed.

Bartosz Kownacki posted a photo of his destroyed banner on social media. The perpetrator smeared the face of the Law and Justice politician and painted male genitalia on it. Additionally, vulgar slogans were placed: “Fuck PiS”, “death to PiS”, “die”.

Bartosz Kownacki’s banner was destroyed

The devastated banner also had the Law and Justice slogan: Safe Future of Poles crossed out and a swastika with an arrow pointing at Kownacki. “This is what a hate campaign looks like. Let’s maintain culture and respect for others,” commented the MP.

Kownacki is running from constituency number four, covering the area of ​​Bydgoszcz and the following counties: Bydgoszcz, Inowrocław, Mogilno, Nakło, Sępolno, Świecie, Tuchola and Żnin.

Banners of PiS politicians vandalized

This is not the only case of banners of Law and Justice politicians being destroyed in the region. Mikołaj Bogdanowicz, who is running for the Senate, reported a similar situation on social media. One of the photos shows that his banner and Kownacki’s have been cut.

Other photos also show that the banners were destroyed and “decorated” with slogans such as those visible on Kownacki’s banner. The banners of Ireneusz Stachowiak and Piotr Król were also damaged. “Is this what an honest election campaign looks like!? Let’s respect each other,” Bogdanowicz concluded.

Electoral Code on placing election posters

Pursuant to the Electoral Code, election posters may be placed on the walls of buildings, public transport stops, notice boards and poles, fences, lampposts, energy and telecommunications devices after obtaining the consent of the owner or manager of the property, facility or device. Destroying an election poster may result in a fine of up to PLN 5,000.

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