Penalty shootout decided the game. Fans can now prepare for another Euro 2024 hit

Penalty shootout decided the game. Fans can now prepare for another Euro 2024 hit

The French have snatched a place in the semi-finals of Euro 2024. However, the big match with Portugal turned out to be a poor spectacle. The victory was decided by a single mistake in the penalty shootout.

The first of Friday’s Euro 2024 matches has stirred up emotions among football fans. After extra time in the Spain-Germany match, penalties have come in the Portugal-France match. After a 0-0 draw, the penalty shootout was better for the Tricolours and they will play Luis de la Fuente’s team in the semi-finals of the German tournament.

Boredom in the first half of the Portugal-France match

Just like in the previous Friday match, there was no shortage of sharp play from the first minutes. The Portuguese often exchanged the ball between themselves, looking for a gap in the Tricolours’ defense. In the 21st minute, however, it was the French who had a dangerous action. Diogo Costa had to intervene after a powerful shot by Hernandez. After a moment, the goalkeeper deflected a good ball that Mbappe sent.

In the 30th minute, Maignan had to show off his alertness after a shot by Leao. Although the match promised to be exciting, the first half did not bring a great level. The fans were certainly hoping for more before the start of the second half of the Portuguese-French duel.

90 minutes without a goal in another Euro 2024 hit

The second half saw more lively play. In the 49th minute, the Portuguese demanded a penalty after Mendes fell to the ground. However, the referee ordered play to continue. The most action took place in the last 30 minutes of regular time. Fernandes and Vitinha had great plays. In the 66th minute, the French launched a good counterattack. Kolo Muani’s shot was parried by Dias at the last moment.

Dembele was very active in the French offensive. The midfielder looked for his teammates and even took shots himself. In the 74th minute, the ball from his shot narrowly missed Costa’s left post. Both sides were looking for one goal that would give them the desired promotion to the best four of Euro 2024. Ultimately, it did not come in 90 minutes, which does not mean that there was a lack of goal action. However, fans who watched the duel between Spain and Germany could have been disappointed.

Penalty shootout decides advancement to Euro 2024 semi-finals

At the beginning of extra time, Cristiano Ronaldo had a great chance to score. Conceicao ran hard and passed the ball to the star of the game. However, he sent the ball over the crossbar. The Portuguese did not give up and with a positional attack they looked for a way to defeat the vice-world champions. They did not manage to score a goal in the first half. The European champions from eight years ago were also the dominant side in the second half of extra time. Despite their attempts, they did not find a way to defeat Maignan. The referee ordered a series of penalties after 120 minutes.

These went better for the French. Although everyone scored at the beginning, it was Joao Felix who was the first to make a mistake. The ball hit the post of Maignan’s goal after his shot. Didier Deschamps’ players shot accurately all the time, which allowed them to celebrate promotion (winning on penalties 5:4).

France to play in Euro 2024 semi-final against Spain

The French already know who they will play in the semi-finals of Euro 2024. The Tricolours will face the Spanish, who previously defeated the Germans. The remaining two quarter-finals will take place on Saturday.

Portugal – France 0:0 (0:0) – French won on penalties 5:4

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