Disturbing news about the president of Cracovia. He was supposed to go to hospital

Disturbing news about the president of Cracovia.  He was supposed to go to hospital

There have been disturbing reports in the media regarding the health condition of the president of Cracovia, Janusz Filipiak. According to media reports, the man was admitted to hospital in serious condition.

On Saturday, September 30, information circulated on social media that Janusz Filipiak, the president of Comarch and Cracovia, was to be hospitalized in a critical condition. Witnesses to this event reported that the activist felt unwell near the “Żabka” store in Wrząsowice.

Disturbing news about the president of Cracovia

The resuscitation was to be carried out by one of the drivers, and after about fifteen minutes an ambulance was called to take care of the man. According to the findings of lovekrakow.pl, Janusz Filipiak suffered a cardiac arrest. “The man is currently staying in the Emergency Department of the University Hospital at ul. Jakubowski. Efforts are being made to restore circulation in the 71-year-old,” we read. The witnesses’ reports were also confirmed by an RMF FM reporter.

In turn, the website krakow.naszemiasto.pl looked for information in the club. Unfortunately, the spokesman for Cracovia Kraków, Przemysław Staniek, has no knowledge about this because he is in Łódź with the players. At the time of writing this article, Cracovia is playing a match against ŁKS Łódź. Pasy leads 2-0 at the break after goals by Virgil Ghita and Jani Atanasov. In turn, TVP Sport journalists asked Comarch’s spokesperson, Łucja Burek, to comment on these reports, who replied that she did not provide information on this subject.

Janusz Filipiak is 71 years old and the founder of one of the largest Polish IT companies, Comarch. It was founded in 1993 by professor Janusz Filipiak of the AGH University of Science and Technology and his twelve students. Moreover, since 2004 he has been the president of MKS Cracovia SSA.

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