A Pole recorded the plane landing in Greece. It was flying right above his head

A Pole recorded the plane landing in Greece.  It was flying right above his head

An unusual landing on one of the Greek beaches was immortalized by a man from Poland. When he took out his phone, he saw a machine flying straight at him. This view is impressive.

The Greek islands are famous for many attractions. It turns out that one of them is the opportunity to see unique plane landings. Although these are associated with, among others, with the Caribbean, it turns out that they can also be seen on Skiathos. This was recorded by one of the Polish tourists. A crowd of onlookers gathered at the scene.

An extraordinary landing in Skiathos. Tourists impressed

Seeing a plane landing up close is a dream of many people. Although there are many places where machines fly right above people’s heads, not everyone knows where to look for them, and we cannot always reach them. For example, in Poland, it is enough to be in the center of Poznań to see low-flying planes, e.g. Ryanair. The more interesting the location we are in, the better the experience will be. Unique views certainly await us on the beach on the Greek island of Skiathos.

One of the Polish tourists who runs a TikTok profile called @lewy.travel boasted about what a plane landing looks like against the background of beautiful views of the sea, rocks and the beach. His account is followed by approximately 41,000 people every day. people, so the added films reach a wide audience. “How low! My hat is about to come off,” he shouted in the recording. He revealed that it is an everyday sight and a local attraction.

The island of Skiathos, where the Pole found himself, is located in the western part of the Aegean Sea, in the Northern Sporades archipelago. Although it is not visited as often as Rhodes, Corfu or Zakynthos, it still attracts crowds. The opportunity to observe a low-flying plane is one of many reasons why it is worth going there.

The landing video is taking TikTok by storm. The plane flew just overhead

The video posted on TikTok by @lewy.travel clearly shows that the plane flies just above the water and then flies over the man’s head. “Oh my! How high!” – can be heard in the background. You can also see many onlookers who were just waiting for this view. The video quickly reached thousands of users, many of them were happy after watching the video. “I had to bend over backwards to see the second part of the film, but it was worth it! Mega movie!! You’re great!” – wrote one of the men.

The landing video gained almost 14,000 views. likes and has been viewed online for four days. How would you react to such a sight if you were in Skiathos? Would you like to visit this island?

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