An absolute must-have during your holidays. Free Rescue application that saves human lives.

An absolute must-have during your holidays.  Free Rescue application that saves human lives.

The health and safety of our loved ones is fundamental. The Rescue application may prove to be a support during summer trips. It costs nothing, just install it on your smartphone and feel safe in any situation. We checked how it works.

Are you going on a summer trip to the mountains, or simply like to spend your holiday time by the water, with family and friends. In addition to the most necessary things in your suitcase, you should first think about the safety of yourself and your loved ones. New technologies solve everyday problems. Sometimes it is enough to install the appropriate application that will support you during long mountain trips, cruises on lakes or spending time at the seaside.

The Rescue application on your phone may be the best way to have a safe vacation. Thanks to it, each tour participant can be located when they need emergency help. And with all that, it’s free.

How does the Rescue app work?

The Rescue application is a perfect tool for holidays on the water or in the mountains. It works flawlessly and receives very positive opinions, both among organized tour guides and holidaymakers who value safe tourism all year round. The Ratunek application, available since 2014, is the only application approved and included in the accident notification system, used by voluntary rescue services.

When the user calls for help, it sends the position of the injured person to rescuers with an accuracy of 3 meters. Let us remember that in times of danger and high stress levels, time is of the essence, so when calling for help, the application automatically dials the integrated rescue number, in the mountains 601 100 300 or by the water 601 100 100.

The Rescue application is free and very easy to use, tested on various user groups. It is distinguished by clear graphics and very easy navigation. The application is connected to Rescue Coordination Centers throughout Poland. In the mountains (TOPR, GOPR) or by the water (WOPR, MOPR). After turning on GPS and pressing the blue cross icon three times, the application will automatically dial the emergency number (in the mountains 601 100 300 or by the water 601 100 100), with which it is integrated. Already during the conversation with the rescuer (in Android) or immediately after it (in Windows, iOS), emergency services receive an SMS with information about your location.

Thanks to this, rescuers know where to look for you, even if you cannot determine your location yourself. The application also sends them messages about your battery and provides information about your current health condition, which you have previously completed in your medical booklet. All this affects the quick action of rescuers in crisis situations.

Remember, the Rescue application is about protecting you and your loved ones. Download it today and enjoy your holiday time.

Rescue application, an initiative of the Plus network

You can find the application in both Google and Apple stores. It’s free and you can download it in seconds, even right before you leave. The application and emergency number operate 24 hours a day, and can be used thanks to the Plus telecommunications network. Plus not only contributed to the creation of the emergency number and the application, making the work of rescuers easier and ensuring the safety of Poles, but it still continues its activities in this area.

He has been supporting mountain and sea rescue on a large scale for 20 years. It contributes to the spread of rescue education, provides modern rescue equipment, and influences public awareness of safe tourism. Plus also provides reliable mobile communication, which is the basis for the operation of the Integrated Rescue System. This is the best example of how you can combine business with pro-social activity.

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