Not only low prices. Foreigners reveal why they like holidays in Poland

Not only low prices.  Foreigners reveal why they like holidays in Poland

This year, the number of foreign tourists visiting Poland broke records. Why do foreigners like holidays in our country? See what hotel owners have to say about them.

Recommendations of places in Poland that are worth visiting regardless of the season appear more and more often in foreign media. A few days ago, a Czech traveler recommended Wrocław to others. He described this city as “the most beautiful in Europe” and listed only its advantages.

Many foreign tourists went on holiday to the Polish Baltic coast this year. Czechs, who used to go to Croatia, especially liked them. However, after the introduction of the euro, it became too expensive. And our neighbors appreciate the fact that they can still spend their holidays here at a reasonable price. What else do foreigners praise about their holidays in Poland? conducted a survey on this issue. Its results will surprise many people.

Why do foreign tourists appreciate their holidays in Poland?

Moderate prices, cleanliness, good location, conducive to relaxation, tasty cuisine and additional amenities – these are the reasons why foreign tourists praise their holidays in Poland.

Such conclusions can be drawn from a survey conducted by among 300 owners of accommodation facilities in Poland. As many as every fifth of them noticed an increase in the number of foreign guests last season. In addition to Germans, Czechs and English, our country is eagerly visited by Hungarians, Slovaks, Scandinavians, as well as Americans and citizens of Saudi Arabia.

This year’s holidays were difficult in many respects for entrepreneurs. The weather was uncertain, prices in Poland were rising, and as a result, our local tourists shortened their trips. However, foreigners willingly came to the Polish mountains or the Polish coast.

What do travelers from other countries appreciate when visiting Poland?

Respondents were asked, among others: whether the requirements of foreign guests are different than those of Polish tourists. Here, the respondents unanimously answered no. Foreign guests usually do not have any special requirements and rarely complain. Their priority is cleanliness, comfort and a moderate price. This is what they find and praise in Poland.

Visitors particularly appreciate good conditions for relaxation in Poland – peace and quiet, as well as cleanliness and good maintenance of the facility. Also important are: location, low price and Polish cuisine.

– The opinions collected by our partners from foreign guests are absolutely not surprising. Polish prices are very competitive for Europeans, but it is the quality of the base and its high standard that are the advantages of a holiday in Poland. We have a significant number of relatively young facilities, thanks to which the accommodation base in Poland is in better condition than in many countries abroad – says Tomasz Zaniewski, vice-president of – Although the infrastructure is still new, we observe that the owners of the facilities, trying to attract guests, including foreign ones, invest in minor and general renovations, expand, and look for ideas for modern space arrangement.

Nearly 10 percent respondents admit that they actively seek tourists from outside Poland, for example by translating advertising materials and offers or ensuring service in foreign languages. This is a good direction, because the language barrier is one of the few things that foreign tourists sometimes complain about.

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