Internet service in Poland for two with a plus. In other categories below average

Internet service in Poland for two with a plus.  In other categories below average

Poland advanced five places in the digital quality of life ranking. Unfortunately, digital well-being is not performing well. We work longer to pay for fixed-line broadband. We have slower internet connections than other countries in the region, and the digital competences of Polish society have been assessed poorly. We are below the European average in the following categories: e-infrastructure and digital administration.

The Internet in Poland is getting faster, suppliers argue. Customers who decide to choose the best operator carefully analyze telecommunications service comparison websites. For many of them, technical data and speedtest results are of paramount importance. Both experts and numerous studies assure us that the speed of the Internet in our country exceeds new limits. It’s the same this time.

Digital quality of life. Poland’s advancement in the ranking

Poland advanced five places and now ranks 18th in the world in terms of quality of digital life – according to the latest study published by the cybersecurity company Surfshark. As many as 121 countries took part in the ranking. Our country received a score of 0.66 points and in the latest ranking it was placed just ahead of Italy and the Czech Republic (0.65 points each). However, the good news does not end there.

As the authors of the study argue, the quality of Internet use is 23 percent higher in Poland. higher than the global average, ranking 22nd in the world. Another good news is the average speed of fixed-line Internet, which has increased by 19% in our country this year. Currently it is 187 Mbps.

In turn, the average mobile Internet speed increased by 8% and currently amounts to 59 Mb/s. These issues are rated well or very well by network users on social media. Many people say that improvement in this category can be seen from year to year.

The bittersweet taste of promotion. High in the world, low in Europe

Not everything is so good, as you can see by analyzing further study results. Although from a global perspective, 18th position in the world may look quite promising for many people, our country looks much worse compared to other European countries. On the Old Continent, we have recorded a slight improvement, currently we are only in 15th position.

As the authors of the study argue, several smaller countries ranked higher than Poland, including: Lithuania. “Our mobile Internet connections are 38 percent slower than our north-eastern neighbors. The issue of fees for using the network is also not good: on average, a Pole has to work four times longer than a resident of Romania to pay for fixed-line broadband Internet. – we read in a report published by Rzeczpospolita..

In some categories we are below the European average

Unfortunately, the digital competences of Polish society were rated quite low. Surfshark’s ranking shows that the level of Internet use in our country is slightly different from that of citizens of other countries. Poland is in the bottom ten, our country ranks only 36th in the world in this category.

According to experts, we still have a lot to do in this matter. We perform the worst in the e-infrastructure and digital administration categories. Our country ranks only 37th in both cases. This result is much worse than the European average.

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