Norwegian ski jumpers broke the silence. New facts come to light

Norwegian ski jumpers broke the silence.  New facts come to light

More and more dirt comes out of the Norwegian ski jumpers' camp. One of the players confessed that the conflict with Alexander Stoeckl has been going on for some time. Here are some shocking new details.

Since mid-February, there has been a lot of talk about the conflict between Norwegian ski jumpers and coach Alexander Stoeckl. The Austrian has been leading the national team since 2011. However, something broke this season and the players demand that the federation end their cooperation with this coach. Information leaked to the media that the ski jumping team had even decided to send a letter to the federation. Local media reported that a reconciliation meeting was held with the participation of those concerned, but it did not bring any results.

New reports regarding the ski jumper's conflict with Alexander Stoeckl

As journalists from “Przegląd Sportowy” found out, this was not the first letter that ski jumpers wrote about Stoeckel. A Norwegian jumper who wished to remain anonymous informed that in 2018, a similar letter was sent to the federation by competitors who jumped in the Continental Cup. “The lack of reaction surprised the players,” we read.

“To be honest, Alex was never a coach. He was more of a sports director whose goal was to build a good reputation for the Norwegian team. He was never there for the players,” journalists found out.

Norwegian ski jumper: There has to be a change

Interestingly, the good performance of individual players was mainly due to the coaches of local teams, who also want Stoeckl to leave. “The teams were frustrated because they were unable to learn anything from them. It is difficult to educate new athletes in such a situation,” reports “Przegląd Sportowy”.

“It's no wonder that everything came to light because it took too long. There has to be a change. Alex will definitely not be a coach next season, but maybe he will stay in Norway as a sports director,” says the anonymous Norwegian ski jumper.

The Ski Jumping World Cup is coming to an end. Now the Raw Air series will begin in Norway. Alexander Stoeckl, who has not appeared in World Cup competitions for some time, will also be missing during this tournament.

Other ski federations, including ours, are trying to take advantage of the situation related to the Norwegian coach and want to employ the Austrian. As for PZN, it is said that he could become a sports director. Let us remind you that the association is looking for solutions to develop ski jumping in Poland. Director positions will be created, and among the potential candidates is the name of the legendary Walter Hofer.

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