An orca ate the most dangerous shark in the world. This is the first such case

An orca ate the most dangerous shark in the world.  This is the first such case

A powerful marine mammal won a duel with a predatory fish. Incredible footage has been released from Mossel Bay, South Africa.

An unusual video showing an orca attacking a great white shark was published on the Internet. A marine mammal killed one of the world's most dangerous predators in less than two minutes and then consumed its liver. This is the first documented case of a shark being eaten by a solitary hunting animal. The incident occurred on the southern coast of South Africa, in the Mossel Bay area.

Orcas hunt sharks

Although some people may associate orcas with cute animals straight from a family movie, meeting this predator face-to-face could be a terrifying experience. It is not without reason that in English, when we talk about killer whales, we most often use the term “killer whale”. These powerful mammals can reach up to 10 meters in length (in the case of males), and their weight often exceeds five tons. They are excellent hunters who feed on other fish, seals and dolphins. They also often hunt sharks and even attack boats carrying tourists. In the ocean, they are at the top of the food chain – there are no species that can threaten them, but dangerous fish such as the great white shark are usually outside their area of ​​​​interest due to the scale of difficulties.

An orca ate a great white shark

Researchers became impressed with the shark-hunting skills of killer whales in the Mossel Bay area of ​​South Africa back in 2022, when two representatives of the species were filmed dealing with a great white shark. It turns out that since then, these huge animals have only developed their skills. In early March, the Earth Legacy Foundation published a video in which a lone male killer whale kills one of the world's most dangerous sharks in less than two minutes. The mammal then consumed his liver. This is the first documented case of such aggressive behavior of killer whales towards equally dangerous sharks. To get to the liver, the orca had to bypass the shark's jaws, attacking its fin first, which requires special intelligence and tactics.

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