North Korea reacts to the Seoul summit. A missile was fired towards Japan

North Korea reacts to the Seoul summit.  A missile was fired towards Japan

North Korea sent a ballistic missile towards Japan, reports Anadolu Agency. This is related to the Seoul summit.

The leaders of South Korea, Japan and China took a common position on the Korean Peninsula during the summit in Seoul, reports the agency based in Ankara. They stressed that they “agree to continue efforts for a political solution to the issue” of the area bordered to the east by the Sea of ​​Japan and to the west by the Yellow Sea.

This is about the denuclearization of the peninsula. Pyongyang has a different position on this matter. “This is a mockery,” replies the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Pyongyang on denuclearization: The concept is dead in theory and practice

According to southern leaders, the decision on denuclearization will benefit Northeast Asia. – This will serve our common interests and is our duty – they said on Monday in Seoul. It is worth adding that although both South Korea and Japan are “in favor of denuclearization”, China is not literally talking about creating a nuclear-weapon-free zone. However, they call for “restraint” to “prevent further escalation,” we read on the Yonhap News website.

How does the country led by dictator Kim Jong Un evaluate this idea? “This is a mockery and a trick against regional countries and the international community,” says the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the same time, Pyongyang decided to send a missile towards Japan, but it did not even fly over the country's territory. Her remains were later discovered in the Yellow Sea.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Telegraph”, the ballistic missile was detected by the radars of the South Korean army. Then the Japanese military, which began tracking her movements, warned the people of Okinawa of the danger. Ultimately, the missile missed Japan, and the alert was soon canceled. People could leave the shelters.

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