Krakow Clean Transport Zone, however, not this year. There is a new schedule

Krakow Clean Transport Zone, however, not this year.  There is a new schedule

After July 1, nothing will change in Krakow for owners of old cars – they will still be able to drive around the city. Krakow officials received a draft resolution that changes the entry into force of the Clean Transport Zone to January 1, 2026. Officials have already announced extensive public consultations in which the shape of this zone will be determined.

At the beginning of July, the Clean Transport Zone (SCT) was to come into force in Krakow. The plan was that after July 1, 2024, cars meeting the Euro 1 standards for petrol and Euro 2 for diesel engines would not be allowed to enter Krakow – but only those that are already registered and will not change ownership within the next month and a half.

Clean Transport Zone in Krakow

A car purchased and registered after March 1, 2023, in order to enter Krakow after July 1, 2024, would have to meet the target standards, i.e. those that will come into force for everyone in four years (July 1, 2026 – Euro 3 for gasoline). and Euro 5 for diesels). Krakow officials also provided exceptions to the ban: electric cars and cars powered by hydrogen and natural gas would be allowed to drive freely around the city, as well as several dozen other types of vehicles – primarily cars belonging to all uniformed and rescue services. But also cars used by people with disabilities.

However, this will not happen, because the entry into force of the regulations on the Clean Transport Zone in Krakow will be postponed. The councilors received a draft resolution that changes the deadline to January 1, 2026. This is the result of the January decision of the Provincial Administrative Court, which invalidated the resolution of the Krakow City Council of November 2022 on the introduction of a Clean Transport Zone in the city. Since no final judgment was issued, the SCT resolution is still in force and, at least theoretically, the zone would enter into force on July 1. Hence the need for councilors to change its validity date.

SCT. Another round of consultations will start

Aleksander Miszalski is not a supporter of SCT in the form prepared by councilors of the previous term. In his opinion, it is necessary to return to consultations with residents and re-examine various issues. Krakow officials announced on Tuesday that this would be the case.

Initially, a large information and educational campaign will be carried out in the city devoted to the impact of road transport pollution on human health, as well as presenting the benefits that the introduction of SCT in Krakow may have. At the same time, surveys and consultations will be conducted regarding the shape of SCT. After consultations, councilors will receive a new draft resolution on SCT.

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