No Pole has ever done this before. Mateusz Waligóra reached the Roof of the World, starting from sea level

No Pole has ever done this before.  Mateusz Waligóra reached the Roof of the World, starting from sea level

Polish traveler Mateusz Waligóra stood on the top of Mount Everest on the morning of May 21. He was the first person from our country to reach the top of the famous mountain, starting the expedition from sea level.

There are plenty of world travelers. Mateusz Waligóra is today considered one of the most famous and respected. He already has, among others, a lonely expedition through the Mongolian part of the Gobi Desert. He also crossed the Norwegian Hardagervidda plateau and completed a bicycle trip through the longest mountain range in the world – the Andes. Now he has another great feat behind him. He stood on Mount Everest, the famous Roof of the World, and got there in an unusual way.

Mateusz Waligóra stood on the Roof of the World

On May 21, a special post appeared on the traveler's Facebook profile. It was from it that we learned that Mateusz Waligóra stood on the top of Mount Everest, at an altitude of 8,848.86 m. He reached this peak from sea level. It was already the 63rd day of his expedition, full of effort and challenges. It all started on the shores of the Indian Ocean. In this way, no Pole has ever completed an expedition to the Roof of the World, but that's not all.

Mateusz Waligóra was not only the only Pole to reach Mount Everest, starting from sea level. He was also the first to reach the South Pole on his own and without external support. In the travel community, the place where he found himself – the Himalayas – is often called the “third pole”.

“It happened exactly – correcting the previously given time – at 6.55. He went out to attack the day before at 8:30 p.m. Today, at 12:30, he also returned to the tent in camp IV. During the ascent, he used additional oxygen in a cylinder and was assisted by Sherpas. The ascent and descent went quite smoothly considering the traffic on Everest that night and day,” we read on Facebook.

They report on Waligóra's feat. They keep their fingers crossed

A short description available on social media shows that Mateusz Waligóra could count on favorable and beautiful weather during the night and morning attack on the mountain. The wind was supposed to be almost imperceptible. “The sunrise greeted Mateusz on the ridge near the South Summit of Everest. It was beautiful to see the neighboring Lhotse and the more distant Makalu. This much information we can provide based on rather intermittent radio contact with Mateusz after he descended to C4. We are waiting for his return to the base and the photo, keeping our fingers crossed. There are still two days of descent ahead of him, tomorrow to Camp II, and the day after tomorrow to the Everest base camp, where only we will be able to announce the full success and end of the expedition,” Mateusz wrote on his Facebook account.

There is nothing else to do but keep our fingers crossed for the traveler's return to Poland and his personal statements and reports. This adventure of a lifetime will certainly be talked about many more times.

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