The plane was flying with the doors open. The crew had tears in their eyes, the passengers did not know what was happening

The plane was flying with the doors open.  The crew had tears in their eyes, the passengers did not know what was happening

Terrifying Ryanair flight. Some were preparing for the worst. A dangerous failure on board could have led to a disaster.

According to British media reports, Ryanair crew cried and passengers were terrified when the plane was forced to make an emergency landing because the doors were left open. Passengers testify that it was the worst flight of their lives.

The plane had problems in the air

Flight RK178 from Belfast International Airport to Edinburgh ended in an unexpected emergency landing. The reason was the door, which was probably not closed during take-off. As indicated by the indicator in the cockpit, the pressure in the aircraft in the air had dropped dangerously, which caused a nervous atmosphere on board. It was found that one of the emergency exits may not be completely tight and it was decided to return to the departure airport.

The pilot left the cockpit to check the condition of the faulty door, and the flight attendants were shocked and in tears. The plane circled over the airport for a long time, but finally landed in Belfast. When they finally managed to land safely, the crew informed the passengers about a problem with the door sensor. One passenger testified that from the moment the plane took off on Tuesday evening, people were aware that something was wrong. An anonymous traveler says the flight was the most terrifying experience of his life. Emergency landings always cause stress for some passengers – one such situation occurred during a flight with 169 people on board.

Ryanair comments on the incident

“A flight from Belfast to Edinburgh returned to Ireland International Airport shortly after departure due to minor technical issues. To minimize any inconvenience, we quickly arranged an alternative flight to Edinburgh Airport just after midnight. “Ryanair sincerely apologizes to all affected customers for any inconvenience,” a Ryanair spokesman commented.

“The Northern Ireland Ambulance Service received a call at 8.16pm on Tuesday, October 17 in reference to a possible incident at Belfast International Airport. Initially, we sent the necessary assistance, but shortly after 8:25 p.m. all rescuers were withdrawn from the operation because, as it turned out, they were not needed at the scene,” testifies a spokesman for the Northern Ireland emergency services.

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