A popular mountain attraction will be closed. There is no money for renovation

A popular mountain attraction will be closed.  There is no money for renovation

The Upper Silesian Branch of PTTK in Katowice decided to close the observation tower. The facility is in poor technical condition.

PTTK informed about plans to close the free observation tower on Barania Góra. The condition of one of the most popular attractions in the Silesian Beskids is becoming more and more critical. Due to the risk to the health and life of visitors, it was decided to close the facility from use. This point has pleased tourists coming here for years. Unfortunately, the renovation turned out to be too expensive an investment.

The observation tower on Barania Góra will be closed

The Management Board of the Upper Silesian Branch of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society has decided to take the final step. The observation tower at the top of Barania Góra (1,215 meters above sea level) will be closed due to its poor technical condition. In the photos shared on Facebook, we see a popular attraction marked with a yellow sign saying “no entry”. “We hope that in the near future we will find a solution and funds for renovation and the tower will be made available again,” we read in the message.

The reason is lack of money

The observation tower on Barania Góra was built in 1991. Now it needs the necessary renovation, which will allow it to be used for years to come. However, the required funds are greater than PTTK's budget allows. The cost of renovating the tower is estimated at approximately PLN 50,000. Internet users point out how many similar facilities have been built recently in our country, and the cost of their construction was not an obstacle. One of them is a viewpoint on Kamionna in the Wyspowy Beskids. “The worst thing about this situation is that a lot of observation towers have been built throughout Poland in recent years, in various, controversial places, and this one – located on one of the highest peaks of the Silesian Beskids has to be closed due to lack of money for renovation,” we read. .

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