Nikola Grbic surprised. He gave an interview in Polish

Nikola Grbic surprised.  He gave an interview in Polish

Polish volleyball players won the opening qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games. They won’t have much time to rest, because the next day they will face Bulgaria. In a post-match interview, Nikola Grbic commented on the course of the match and characterized the next opponent. The coach surprised me because he spoke… Polish.

Polish volleyball players fought a very difficult fight for victory at the inauguration of the qualifying tournament for the Olympic Games. The Reds and Whites won against Belgium 3-2 after a thriller that was full of twists and turns. In the end, Nikola Grbic’s players emerged victorious from this clash. As if that wasn’t enough, this triumph has additional historical significance.

Nikola Grbic gave an interview in Polish

The win over Belgium was the eighteenth in a row in official matches. The series began with a 3-1 victory over Italy on June 25 in the Nations League and continued until the end of the VNL and throughout the European Championship. The Reds and Whites have a chance to maintain this streak, but they have to win against their next rival – Bulgaria.

Nikola Grbic spoke about the last match against Belgium on Polsat Sport. The Serb surprised Polish fans and gave an interview to Tomasz Swędrowski in… Polish. – This is a very good team. They have players who can play very well. The important thing is that we won, he said, adding in English that “now we only think about Bulgaria.”

Nikola Grbic reacted negatively to Tomasz Swędrowski’s suggestion that after such a difficult match the Polish volleyball players might clear their heads. – There is no time. We don’t have time to think, he continued and repeated that “we have to think about Bulgaria.”

Nikola Grbic characterized Bulgaria

When asked to characterize the next opponent, Nikola Grbic replied briefly: – Bulgaria can play very well or poorly, like at the European Championships. Tomorrow will be very difficult. We have to play good volleyball, he concluded

The Poland-Bulgaria match in the second round of the 2024 Olympic qualifying tournament will take place on Sunday, October 1 at 10:00 a.m. Polish time. After this match, the White and Reds will have a day off.

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