What is Elon Musk playing? The billionaire has one favorite

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Elon Musk is an avid gamer, and recently his time has been occupied by one of the big productions of this year. The billionaire spends long hours playing Diablo 4 and even streamed the game on X/Twitter.

The richest man in the world has a passion for video games. Elon Musk is known for his workaholism, but even he sits in front of a computer or console from time to time.

Elon Musk plays Diablo 4

Elon Musk was caught playing the game by his friend Lex Fridman, who posted a photo of the billionaire on the X platform. In a short entry, the YouTuber and podcaster reveals that it was the head of Tesla and SpaceX who convinced him to try Diablo 4 and he liked the title very much.

Online commentators spotted some details from the shot. Musk seems to prefer Logitech keyboards. On the other hand… for unknown reasons he plays at Word Tier 3 level and at the same time he has not assigned any character skills to two keys. Oversight?

Elon Musk streamed Diablo 4 on Twitter

Diablo 4 premiered in June this year and, interestingly, Elon Musk revealed quite quickly that he was a devoted fan. In July, he told fans that he was delighted with the game and was currently killing demons with a druid nicknamed IWillNeverDie.

Musk also seems to be trying to combine fun with work. Last week, he announced a live broadcast of Diablo 4, which was to take place directly on X.com. Initially, he proudly announced that the stream would take place on the same day – September 28. However, it later turned out that mounting technical problems made this impossible.

The stream finally took place on October 3, in the morning Polish time. Elon Musk was on the show for less than an hour, but he was still watched by up to 2.1 million people. Initially, the billionaire had some problems with image flickering, but then everything went smoothly.

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