Manul rok is a resident of the Polish zoo. He didn’t give his rival from Japan a chance

Manul rok is a resident of the Polish zoo.  He didn't give his rival from Japan a chance

Magellan from the Poznań Zoo won the final of the plebiscite for the manula of the year 2023. Information about this quickly spread on social media.

“The history of the world and the geopolitical system are changing before our eyes! Poland defeats the greatest powers – and peacefully – with one paw of Magellan’s manula. You can become co-creators of this historic and patriotic moment! Let’s vote for Magellan, we have the world at our feet,” encouraged the person running the Poznań Zoo’s social media.

The Polish manul won the world plebiscite

Let us add that these incentives were effective. The Poznań cat won the semi-final against the German representative, and in the final against his relative from Japan and won the title of cat of the year. Magellan, as he was called in the capital of Greater Poland, really attracts attention with his wise look and dignified dimensions. It will certainly attract crowds of tourists who will now want to see it with their own eyes.

The final vote took place on Tuesday, December 12. A cat living in Poland received PLN 130,000. votes and defeated the remaining 39 participants. His fame did not begin with this competition. He was already famous when he escaped from the zoo in 2020 and lived in the wild for a few days. After being found, Magellan no longer went on similar trips outside the zoo.

Steppe manules are a species that mainly inhabits mountainous areas in Asia. It can be recognized by its thick gray fur and its wide head with small ears. It can reach from 46 to 65 cm (without the tail) and weigh from 2.5 to 4.5 kg. It is a close relative of the wildcat, known for its ability to climb steep rocks.

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