New trains to Ukraine. Regular connections from March 27

New trains to Ukraine.  Regular connections from March 27

The Czech carrier will reach our eastern neighbors directly. The route from Prague to Czop will start next week.

This year, the private railway carrier Regiojet canceled the connection from Prague to Croatia, which was very popular among passengers from Poland. Instead, from March 27, we will travel on board yellow trains to Czop in Ukraine. Connections between the Czech Republic and Ukraine will be available every day. However, trains on the new Prague – Kosice – Czop route will bypass our country.

New trains to Ukraine

Regiojet is investing in another market. This time, the Czech carrier is focusing on developing connections with Ukraine. The characteristic yellow trains of the private railway line have been in this country since the end of February, when tests of the future, regular connection began. The process of passenger control at the border was checked on this route. Initially, trains only went to Kosice, Slovakia. After passing the exam, from March 27, the new connection will be extended to the Czech capital. However, trains on the Ukraine – Slovakia – Prague route will bypass Poland. Passengers living in our country have a connection from Prague to Przemyśl, from where they can change to trains going further east.

Trains from Prague to Czop

The new railway route will be operated at night. The departure from Prague is planned for 21:52 (arrival in Czop at 10:35 the next day), and the return from Ukraine to the Czech Republic at 17:35 (the train will arrive in Prague at 5:46). Trains will run on this route every day, including weekends and holidays. Passengers will be able to use trains with berths. “The development of the network drives the economies of both countries, strengthens our partnership, and connects families and friends. We would like to thank all Czech friends of Ukraine and our partners from Regiojet. “Ukrainian Railways is turning the Chop station into an active passenger hub for international communication,” said Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakow when announcing the opening of the new route.

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