However, there will be no speedway league in Krakow. There is even worse news

However, there will be no speedway league in Krakow.  There is even worse news

A few days ago, the National Speedway League announced that seven teams would take part in the competition. Now there's a nasty update, and it could be even worse.

The National Speedway League is the lowest level of competition in Poland and at the same time the league that starts the earliest. The first meeting was scheduled for March 30, but a few days before the start of the competition it turned out that we would not see the team from Krakow in KLŻ. It was supposed to be a great comeback, but there is sadness. Just recently, we could see a proud announcement on the KLŻ profile that seven teams would compete at this level, and now there are six teams left. This is not the end of the problems.

Polonia Piła and Unia Tarnów have problems

Currently, at the lowest level of the competition, we have four Polish teams – from Tarnów, Opole, Gniezno and Piła, as well as two foreign teams, i.e. Trans MF Landshut Devils and Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils (Germany and Latvia, respectively). It is very possible that foreign teams have the greatest financial stability of all teams in the league, but the current regulations mean that if they are promoted to a higher league, it will be difficult for them to go there due to formal requirements.

When we add the fact that Unia Tarnów and Polonia Piła are struggling with financial problems, the situation looks both terrible and comic. At this moment, fans are asking themselves whether the six teams will actually finish the season in the National Speedway League, or whether one of them will have to withdraw during the competition.

GKSŻ implements “plan B”

On the website, GKSŻ (Główny Speedway Sports Commission) has already informed about the new schedule of KLŻ competitions. The chairman of GKSŻ, Ireneusz Igielski, emphasized that until the end it was hoped that the Krakow team would start in the league, which is why they were initially included in the schedule. As we read, “Plan B assumes 6 teams and play-offs for the best four.” Let us recall that initially, if 7 teams participated in the competition, it was agreed that 6 of them would take part in the play-off phase.

Schedule of the first round of the National Speedway League: :
March 30
Polonia Piła – Kolejarz Opole (3:00 p.m.)
March 31st
Ultrapur Start Gniezno – Unia Tarnów (4:30 p.m.)
Trans MF Landshut Devils – Optibet Lokomotiv Daugavpils (7:00 p.m.)

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