#startup housing loan. There is a bill

Poles rushed for a 2 percent loan.  There are the latest data

The Ministry of Development presented a draft law regarding a new #naStart housing loan. Higher assistance will be directed to multi-person households, in particular families with children.

Today, the Ministry of Development and Technology presented a draft bill regarding a new #naStart housing loan, which will replace the 2% Safe Loan.

– We want the new regulations, which are one of the three elements of the construction and housing development strategy in Poland, to enter into force in the second half of 2024. The #naStart housing loan, i.e. with subsidized installments, will be available until the end of 2027 in case of purchasing your first property. Families with at least three children will also have this opportunity if the purchased apartment or single-family house built to improve living conditions is not their first property. At the same time, we retain the possibility of BGK granting a guarantee for the repayment of part of the loan, i.e. the so-called own contribution guarantee – emphasizes the Minister of Development and Technology Krzysztof Hetman.

#naStart housing loan. Who will benefit?

People who will be eligible for a #naStart housing loan will be:

  • They are under 35 years of age if they apply for a loan as singles. There will be no age limit if the household consists of at least two people (two borrowers or a borrower + a child),

  • They do not own and have not owned a flat (single-family house), unless the flat they own is a share (not higher than 50%) in the ownership right to the flat or cooperative ownership right to the flat, obtained by inheritance or donation. The above limit will not include real estate obtained by inheritance or donation, which the person applying for the loan previously sold as a donation to a person outside his or her household.

  • They have no more than one apartment and the household includes at least three children.

The own contribution guarantee will be provided by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and will cover (i.e. secure repayment to the bank) the borrower's missing amount at the level of 20%. value of the purchased property, but not higher than PLN 100,000. zloty.

The #naStart housing loan can be granted jointly to a maximum of two people, regardless of their legal relationship. In such a case, the conditions regarding the apartment they own will be verified for them jointly (i.e. together they will be able to have a share of no more than 50% in the ownership right to the apartment or cooperative ownership right to the premises, obtained by inheritance or donation, e.g. both of them 25% .).

The condition for jointly obtaining a loan will be the requirement to purchase the property by both borrowers on the basis of joint or fractional ownership, 50% each. This condition should eliminate the artificial addition of another person to the loan agreement (the more people with income who are party to the loan, the higher the creditworthiness and the better conditions for obtaining subsidies).

Subsidies for #naStart housing loan installments granted as a mortgage loan will only be available for loans granted before the end of 2027. However, subsidies for installments of #naStart housing loans granted as a consumer loan to cover the costs of participation in SIM/TBS or a housing contribution in a housing cooperative will be maintained indefinitely.

0% for whom?

Loan subsidies will vary depending on the size of the household. The subsidy will reduce the loan interest rate to:

  • 1.5 percent if there is no child in the household,

  • 1 percent in the case of a household with one child,

  • 0.5 percent in the case of a household with two children,

  • 0 percent in the case of a household consisting of three or more children and a larger household and in the case of loans granted as a consumer loan to cover the costs of participation in SIM/TBS or a housing contribution in a housing cooperative.

The condition for obtaining subsidies will be meeting the income criterion. It was based on the first tax threshold, i.e. annual income of PLN 120,000 gross. In the program, the criterion will be modified as the number of household members increases. It will amount to:

  • 7 thousand PLN net per month for a single-person household,

  • 13 thousand PLN net per month for a two-person household,

  • 16 thousand PLN net per month for a three-person household,

  • 19.5 thousand PLN net per month for a four-person or larger household,

  • 23 thousand PLN net per month for a five-person or larger household.

However, exceeding the limits will not mean exclusion from the program. Borrowers whose households exceed the limit will also be able to receive a new loan, but in their case the subsidy will be reduced. If a single-person household exceeds the limit, for each zloty exceeding the limit, the subsidy will be reduced by 50 groszy, and in the case of a two-person or larger household, by 25 groszy.

An area criterion is also provided for, which will apply only to housing loans granted as mortgage loans for the purchase of a mixed-use apartment or a single-family house or a cooperative ownership right to the premises. It will not apply to house construction or housing loans granted as consumer loans. In the case of a single-person household, this limit was set at 50 m2 and it was proposed to increase it by 25 m2 for each additional household member.

The purchase of an apartment with a larger area than the limit specified in the limit will still be possible using a housing loan. However, in such a case, the amount of the subsidy will be reduced by PLN 50 for each square meter exceeded. The purpose of the provision is for the new program to assist in purchasing an apartment only to the extent necessary from the point of view of the housing needs of a household of a certain size.

The amount of the #naStart housing loan will not be limited, but the subsidy will be charged only on a specific amount of capital. The larger the household, the higher it will be, i.e.:

  • 200 thousand PLN for one person in the household,

  • 400 thousand PLN for two people,

  • 450 thousand PLN for three people,

  • 500 thousand PLN for four people,

  • 600 thousand PLN for five people.

Such rules will mean that a borrower in a two-person household who takes out a loan for an amount of e.g. PLN 450,000. PLN (i.e. higher than the threshold of PLN 400,000 for such a farm) will receive a subsidy calculated as if the loan amounted to PLN 400,000. zloty. A borrower running a three-person household who takes out a loan for an amount of e.g. PLN 600,000. (i.e. higher than PLN 450,000), will receive an additional payment as if the loan amounted to PLN 450,000. zloty.

If a loan is granted jointly to two people and during its repayment one of these people withdraws from the loan agreement (the lending bank gives its consent by first examining the creditworthiness of the remaining borrower), the subsidy amount will be recalculated and reduced to the new household size. This is the second mechanism limiting the artificial co-option of people into a loan agreement. However, such a solution will not be applied in the event of the death of one of the borrowers.

Starter apartment. How many people will benefit?

At the same time, in the case of purchasing an apartment in a city with poviat rights, which is the capital of a voivodeship, for which the replacement value of 1 m2 of residential premises announced by the voivode is at least 25 percent. higher (currently Gdańsk, Poznań, Kraków, Wrocław) than the value announced for the entire country, the amounts given above will be increased by at least 10% (e.g. for a 2-person household PLN 440,000). However, a city where the replacement value of 1 m2 of residential premises is at least 50% higher. (currently Warsaw), the applicable base amounts of subsidies will be 20% higher. (e.g. for a 2-person household PLN 480,000). Introducing a correction for these markets will allow residents of these cities to buy an apartment with a new loan, with a similar attractiveness to the market offer.

The Ministry estimates that the maximum limit of budget expenditure on installment subsidies should finance a maximum of PLN 185,000. preferential housing loans, of which 35,000 may be concluded this year (the program is to be launched in the second half of the year). credit agreements.

The Ministry of Development also announced that the draft act had been submitted for inter-ministerial consultations and public consultations.

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