This is the happiest cemetery in the world. It attracts crowds of tourists

This is the happiest cemetery in the world.  It attracts crowds of tourists

On November 1 we celebrate All Saints’ Day. On this occasion, we visit cemeteries in large numbers. We know very well what they look like in our country. However, it turns out that in some places it is completely different than here. It’s all because of the cheerful atmosphere.

Cemeteries are places associated with darkness, sadness, and sometimes even horror. Many people go there only on holidays, but some come here very often. This is influenced by, among others, faith or culture in which we grow up. It turns out that the type and style of such a place may also be important. The more friendly or colorful it is, the easier it can encourage people to visit. Cimitirul Vesel in Romania is proof of this. We can see expressive colors everywhere, and there are plenty of tourists there.

This is an exceptionally colorful cemetery. It’s hard to find another one like this in the world

On the occasion of All Saints’ Day, we decided to take a look at the world’s famous cemeteries. One of them turned out to be special because it is considered the happiest in the world. What it comes from? It’s mainly about tradition and colors. There are so many of them that it is hard to believe your eyes. Interestingly, it’s not about decorating tombstones with flowers or candles.

The place in question is located in one of the European countries – Romania. This is Cimitirul Vesel, i.e. the so-called Merry Cemetery. We will find it exactly in the district of Maramuresz, in the small village of Sapanty. This is where the tombstones are made of wood and colored in a fabulous way. We will see colorful portraits of people, inscriptions and images of people performing various activities. Additionally, we will read rhymed epitaphs and notice unusual crosses.

The view is nothing like our Polish cemeteries. We usually see tombstones in gray or black colors, with mainly names and surnames as well as dates of birth and death engraved on them. The monuments are flooded with flowers and lights, both artificial and real. There is no place for this on Romania’s Cimitirul Vesel. Colorful accents are constant and very elegant. What is on the tombstones also has a special meaning and justification. There are plenty of humorous touches.

“Merry Cemetery” in Romania. Tourists like to come there

As the cemetery is unique, it is eagerly visited by tourists from all over the world. This is a real treat for all lovers of art, culture and religion. By looking at the tombstones, you can discover interesting stories and learn new traditions. The place is so exotic that it has been considered an attraction for years. Based on the pictures, visitors guess how a given person died, e.g. whether they were hit by a car or a victim of a murderer.

Once there, we will see not only the cemetery, but also the Romanian Orthodox Church. Local artist Stan Ioan Patraș, who served as the local Leonardo da Vinci, was responsible for the colorful drawings there. He painted special tombstones already in the 1930s. All this has survived to this day. Currently, there are 800 unique graves included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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