New technologies are revolutionizing the work environment! Domitech is already benefiting from this

New technologies are revolutionizing the work environment!  Domitech is already benefiting from this

In the era of developing technology, it is difficult to imagine a work environment that is not adapted to current market needs and opportunities. Companies that cannot shake hands with artificial intelligence may soon drown in a sea of ​​competition. Domitech knows how to swim, and flexibility and a young team are what allow them to benefit from the benefits of AI.

New technologies – computer and human

With the emergence of new technologies and their implementation in various areas of our lives, a fear has arisen – can a computer replace a human? There is no shortage of controversy around this topic, but it should be remembered that humans are responsible for artificial intelligence and, as its “creator”, they primarily care about greater efficiency at work, not substitutability. There is no longer any doubt that AI helps people work more efficiently. Companies around the world have quickly realized that artificial intelligence is a great business partner, and those that haven’t yet will soon find out. Improving the quality of work occurs in many issues, both within the organization and during business activities. The greatest convenience for the employee, and thus an improvement in efficiency, is the automation of repetitive and tedious activities. A good example is sending emails. In 1971, Raymond Tomlinson sent the world’s first e-mail, and since then it is difficult to imagine the world functioning without this possibility. Interestingly, approximately 320 billion emails are sent every day around the world! Writing messages, analyzing data, writing reports, translations and other texts can be classified as activities that not only take up a lot of valuable time, but are also not particularly liked by employees. HR, marketing and sales departments have also gained enormous help thanks to artificial intelligence. New technologies can now write a job advertisement, analyze the submitted CV and create contracts and extremely useful training.

Artificial intelligence not so mindless

It might seem that the greatest advantage humans have over AI will always be creative thinking – is that really the case? It is worth adding here that marketing, sales and customer service are a large area supported by new technologies, precisely because of the creation of new ideas and personalization. Analyzing and collecting data is helpful in this, and artificial intelligence can do it in just a few seconds. The database and therefore the “knowledge” of AI is limited only by the boundaries of the Internet. An additional advantage of new technologies is quick learning and acting according to “profitable” patterns. Such a convenience for the marketing department during an advertising campaign is invaluable, especially if many activities are involved at various levels. Analysis and ease of searching for information also prove to be very useful in customer service departments. More and more often, we not only write with bots, but also talk to them on the phone. In addition to the advantage of relieving employees, many of them also value greater mental peace, after all, no one will yell at the machine.

New technologies mean new opportunities and… jobs!

Changeability is a natural phenomenon in the progress of civilization. Both the creation of new jobs and the elimination of old ones should no longer surprise anyone. New technologies, thanks to their efficiency and intelligence, may soon conquer some of the positions we know well, but they will certainly not take over all of them, and what’s more, they will create new ones. The new labor market will be looking for specialists in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, robotics, digitalization and programming. It is also worth remembering that each new project must be supervised by someone, and this will still require more than one person. OECD data show that Poles are among the busiest people in the world. New technologies, properly used, can create the opportunity to achieve a balance between private life and work. This is also the result of EU directives such as the one of April 26, 2023 – work life balance. Getting rid of routine and tiring activities performed every day at work will allow the employee to focus on more serious, more ambitious issues.

Domitech and AI – an example of how the power tools industry is reaching a higher level

Domitech is a trade and service company that has been distributing and servicing professional power tools since 2014. They are based in Bydgoszcz, although their online store offers shipping to customers both in Poland and abroad. From the beginning of their activity, they focused on continuous development. The two young owners knew that in order not to miss the chance for success, they had to keep climbing and not slow down. Thanks to its flexibility and openness to new technologies, the company was able to adapt to the changing environment, even in times of crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. While offering customers the highest quality products, they must also offer the highest quality of service. In order to keep up with the changing market and better fulfill the promises made to both customers and contractors, they focused on new technologies that were just beginning to become popular in Poland.

The lion’s share of the work that employees have to do is, of course, preparing offers and accurate, substantive descriptions. None of us would like to buy a “pig in a poke”. Thanks to the use of AI in preparing product descriptions, efficiency in this area has increased by 400%! This is a particularly important example, especially when you look at it from an employee’s perspective. There are many similar products, and the wide range is constantly expanding. The time they used to spend clicking buttons can now be spent, for example, browsing the market and looking for new, more personalized products for their customers.

Campaigns created for marketing purposes have also gained a new face. Using tools to compose consistent graphics supported quality branding and made the brand’s visual identification easier. A good and simple example is photo retouching. Thanks to appropriate programs, the company is able to create and improve graphics in one go, which are later widely used both in social media and in print. It is worth noting that this type of investment can quickly pay off, and the quality that recipients receive is great.

Business, as we know, means a lot of meetings. It often happens that unannounced visits from contractors can turn previously planned work upside down. Thanks to artificial intelligence, Domitech employees can have peace of mind. AI will quickly and efficiently prepare all kinds of presentations based on the entered data. There are no mistakes or irrelevant content here.

To find out what a clear and intuitive online store should look like, visit Here, a trained eye will spot the interference of new technologies. The website uses, among others: product recommendations, thanks to which the customer finds similar/compatible products immediately. In addition, the interface is friendly and the entire purchasing process is efficient and pleasant.

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