Teachers will receive such raises. It won’t be PLN 1,500

Teachers will receive such raises.  It won't be PLN 1,500

The Civic Coalition promised teachers at least a PLN 1,500 raise. The devil is in the details, because in reality it will be a lower amount.

One of the election promises of the Civic Coalition was to increase teachers’ salaries by at least 30%, but not less than PLN 1,500. zloty. Money for this purpose was included in the budget this week. The act is waiting for the president’s signature. After learning the details, teachers and the Polish Teachers’ Union representing them feel cheated, because it turns out that, as Vice-President Urszula Woźniak pointed out in an interview with “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the promised PLN 1.5 thousand PLN does not concern real salaries, but average ones, which also include allowances.

How much will teachers’ pay raises be?

The proposed rates of minimum basic salary for teachers with pedagogical training will be:

  • 4,908 thousand PLN gross (an increase of PLN 1,218 gross) for beginner teachers with a master’s degree

  • PLN 5,057 gross (an increase of PLN 1,167 gross) for a tenured teacher with a master’s degree

  • PLN 5,915 gross (an increase of PLN 1,365 gross) for a certified teacher with a master’s degree

Teachers with a master’s degree but without teaching preparation or teachers with a bachelor’s degree (engineer) with teaching preparation, a bachelor’s degree (engineer) without teaching preparation, with a diploma from a teachers’ college or a foreign language teachers’ college can count on:

  • beginner teacher: PLN 4,788 gross (increase by PLN 1,188 gross)

  • appointed teacher: PLN 4,910 gross (an increase of PLN 1,210 gross)

  • certified teacher: PLN 5,148 gross (an increase of PLN 1,188 gross).

In addition to the basic salary, teachers also receive allowances. The teacher’s card specifies several allowances, e.g. for years of service, functional allowances (resulting from holding a managerial position, for an internship supervisor, class teacher, advisory teacher, consultant teacher), motivational allowances, etc.

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