Suez Canal blocked. The container ship crashed into the quay

Suez Canal blocked.  The container ship crashed into the quay

More problems in the Suez Canal. After the high-profile blockage caused by the Ever Given container ship in 2021, another major incident has now occurred.

The One Orpheus container ship, which set off from Singapore, was supposed to reach a port in the Netherlands. However, during the crossing of the Suez Canal, a rudder failure most likely occurred, causing the crew to lose control of the vessel.

Suez Canal blocked again

The drifting ship crashed into an old maintenance pier on the eastern embankment of the Suez Canal at its 74th kilometer. According to local media, the canal operator allegedly received information from the crew about a rudder failure moments before the collision.

The unit is 336 meters long and 46 meters wide. As reported, the ship’s hull was not torn apart as a result of the collision. The Suez Canal Authority assured that they have professional equipment and appropriate skills to neutralize the effects of such events. Four tugboats are working on site to free the vessel and restore full capacity of the crossing.

The unlucky Suez Canal

The artificial crossing in Egypt connecting the Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea is the site of many accidents, collisions and incidents due to the huge traffic. The most famous is the accident of the Ever Given container ship, which completely blocked the canal in 2021.

The Ever Given ran aground and blocked a shipping lane that transports about 12% of the world’s cargo. world trade. Experts estimate that goods worth approximately USD 9.6 billion pass through it every day. The blockade lasted six days. At its peak, as many as 420 ships were waiting in a traffic jam in front of the canal.

At the end of May 2023, another dangerous incident occurred. The 189-meter bulk carrier Xin Hai Tong 23 became stranded and blocked the movement of at least four other vessels. However, the ship was towed quite quickly and the crossing cleared.

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