In which district of Warsaw should you choose a virtual office for your company?

In which district of Warsaw should you choose a virtual office for your company?

Warsaw is not only the capital of Poland, but also the largest Polish city. If you already know what a virtual office is and are planning to choose one, we will tell you what to consider when choosing a location and what else to pay attention to.

What are virtual offices?

An office space with a secretariat and meeting rooms is a virtual office. In Warsaw, virtual offices function very similarly to any other large city, both in Poland, Europe and the world, so at the address of the virtual office, any person can register their own company, business, foundation, association or other business entity. This is where the term virtual address comes from, meaning virtual offices, although both the address and the premises of the virtual office are completely real and open during typical office hours. Virtual offices have staff that constantly services the virtual office’s clients and mail correspondence sent to them.

The client of the virtual office is kept informed about correspondence via e-mail or SMS. Correspondence can also be scanned to PDF and sent to e-mail as an attachment.

How to choose a location for a virtual office for your company?

Warsaw’s districts are very diverse. The choice of location may depend on the place of residence of the company’s management board, although taking into account the fact that a virtual office can receive customer correspondence, scan it or even send it by post to another address, it is best to choose a virtual office in the very center of Warsaw. If the company’s management board or its partners are from another city or from outside Poland, the Central Railway Station is also an advantage of the center of Warsaw. In the 1990s, the most business district of Warsaw was Mokotów, and in particular Służew Przemysłowy, where a significant cluster of office buildings was built. To date, there are 83 office buildings, but larger companies try not to choose this location. Over time, Służew Przemysłowy was called Mordor due to the lack of reasonable communication solutions to this place. Another problem is the shortage of buildings other than office buildings and the lack of parking spaces, which results in cars being abandoned haphazardly on the lawns. The office buildings in the Mokotów district are also relatively old, and after the coronavirus pandemic, the office rental industry is a very competitive industry. This is also due to the fact that office buildings are supposed to attract young people to work, so not only public transport is to be at the highest level, but it is also supposed to be green both outside and in the lobby of the building, for example by installing a wall garden. In the last five years, due to the construction of the second metro line, modern office buildings began to be built in the center of Warsaw, which is why Warszawa Śródmieście virtual offices are so attractive. They are located among the newest skyscrapers such as Varso Tower, Q22, SkySawa, Rondo 1, Central Point. The overall image of contemporary Warsaw is completed by Rondo Daszyńskiego with the Warsaw Spire, Skyliner, The Warsaw Hub, Warsaw Unit, Generation Park and Mennica Legacy Tower office complexes.

Warsaw Śródmieście also has numerous offices in historic tenement houses, closely adjacent to office buildings, both the newest ones and buildings from the era of the Polish People’s Republic.

When choosing a virtual office, check its location and the legal status of the premises. It is best if the company offering virtual offices also owns the premises. Choosing a virtual office involves signing a lease agreement, and it is always worth having such an agreement directly with the owner. A virtual office is an entry of the address of the premises in the National Court Register as the company’s registered office. Most likely, this will be the main address of the company for years. It is worth making sure that it does not need to be changed.

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