Morawiecki writes about Hołownia’s “talent”: Please do not press “X” on Poles

Morawiecki writes about Hołownia's "talent": Please do not press "X" on Poles

The dispute between the Prime Minister of the outgoing government and the Speaker of the Sejm took an unexpected form. – Please do not press “X” on Poles – wrote Mateusz Morawiecki, referring to the television show co-hosted by Szymon Hołownia years ago.

It started with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki asking Szymon Hołownia for a meeting. The topic of the talks included: be zero VAT on food and credit holidays. The Marshal of the Sejm invited the head of the outgoing government to meet next week. However, earlier, at a conference in Białystok, he pointed out what, in his opinion, Morawiecki could have done before the elections and what he should do now.

– If you ask me now why I don’t apply zero VAT on food, I answer: because you are the prime minister – said the leader of Poland 2050. The government spokesman soon replied. Piotr Müller, “in a hurry to explain,” pointed out that “a potential candidate for finance minister in a potential coalition announces that a higher VAT rate on food should be restored.”

Hołownia invited Morawiecki. What will they talk about?

“Therefore, a law is necessary so that no one can reverse the decision in the regulation. Please tell us directly whether you support zero VAT on food or whether you are taking time off from substantive work for the next few weeks? – asked the government spokesman.

The Prime Minister also spoke, writing that Hołownia “has the opportunity to prove to millions of Poles that he has talent.” “This time a responsible, political leader, not just a presenter,” Morawiecki pointed out, probably referring to the television show co-hosted by Szymon Hołownia years ago.

“Poles decided during the elections that they want a Sejm that will be able to talk and make important decisions in dialogue. Today, the lower house of parliament is more polarized than it has been in the last eight years. Does this mean that we are doomed to constant arguments and to spite each other?” – asked the Prime Minister, and then answered himself.

Mateusz Morawiecki: This is not what Poles expect!

“NO! This is not what Poles expect!” – he assessed and added that the political scene is different than before October 15 – but Poland’s interests and the concerns of Polish families remain the same. “And we in the Sejm, and there are 460 of us, from the marshal to a rank-and-file, debuting MP, have an obligation to work hard to dispel these fears and solve the problems,” the Prime Minister emphasized.

He pointed out that there are three ready-made acts: on zero VAT on food; credit holidays; on freezing electricity prices, which is already pending in the Sejm, submitted by the Law and Justice club. “Why can’t they wait and not everything depends on the government, as the opposition claims? I’m translating now. It is the representative of the opposition who is the marshal and decides whether they will be debated or put in the “freezer”. The same freezer that opposition representatives promised to liquidate,” wrote Morawiecki.

The head of the outgoing government explained that if the laws on freezing electricity prices and zero VAT on food are not adopted this year, the person who did not allow the vote to vote will be responsible for the price increases in 2024. “The decision on credit holidays also requires an act, not a regulation. As you can see, the law is clear in this case,” he said.

Finally, he turned to the Speaker of the Sejm, writing that the decision depended on him. “Please take into account the interests of Polish families. Shall we vote? I’m for YES. Please do not press X Poles,” he appealed.

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