The Polish observation tower delights tourists. Now they fight to save her

The Polish observation tower delights tourists.  Now they fight to save her

The tower in Sokołowsko is a beautiful viewpoint. Unfortunately, it is now facing serious problems and poses a threat to tourists. The people responsible for the monument want to do everything to save the object.

The tower in Sokołowsko is becoming more and more popular, all thanks to the aid campaign announced on social media. An event appeared on Facebook to raise money for the renovation of the facility. “We are starting another initiative. The beautiful tower of the sanatorium of Dr. Brehmera needs saving! Therefore, we have launched a collection on We have prepared many interesting and surprising prizes for donors. We believe that we will be able to raise funds for the renovation. Support, share. We need your help!” – write the organizers.

The tower in Sokołowsko needs renovation

The mentioned tower is a beautiful viewing point located at ul. Główna 34 in Sokołowsko. It is a beautiful village located in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, in Wałbrzych County, in the Suche Mountains in the Central Sudetes. Tourists who came to the site could see the facility, but unfortunately it is not so obvious now.

It turns out that the monument needs renovation, and this is very expensive. The tower has detached and damaged fragments that pierced the roof in part of the building, eliminating two rooms from use. The repair costs over PLN 280,000. Everything requires complex construction work and the care of professionals.

They want to save the attraction. A collection for the tower in Sokołowsko has started

To save the tower in Sokołowsko, a special collection was launched on “I am making a sincere appeal to you for help and support in saving the tower – a fragment of the former sanatorium. The tower has collapsed and bricks are falling from it,” said one of the organizers of the action from the In Situ Contemporary Art Foundation. The campaign is to last for another 78 days. As of November 14, approximately 6,000 PLN had been collected. from 280 thousand zloty.

The attraction project is described as unique. It turns out that for 15 years, numerous events took place every year in the surroundings and spaces of the historic building, in which many people had the opportunity to participate. It was, among others, Sanatorium of Sound Festival, Hommage à Kieślowski film festival, Konteksty and Góry Literatury. This year, all of them had very limited space.

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