Morawiecki’s sharp speech in Gorlice. “On October 15, we will chase Tusk the pest”

Morawiecki's sharp speech in Gorlice.  "On October 15, we will chase Tusk the pest"

During the meeting with the inhabitants of Gorlice, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki did not spare words of criticism towards the Civic Platform. – Let’s beware of those dyed foxes, especially one (…) On October 15, we will chase Tusk away from the pest – said the Prime Minister.

Recall: there are less than two months left until the parliamentary elections. We will go to the polls on October 15. The elections will be accompanied by a four-question referendum.

Morawiecki: Would we have a secure future?

On Friday, August 18, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with the inhabitants of Gorlice in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. He began his speech by explaining the campaign slogan of the United Right announced a few hours earlier – “Safe future of Poles”.

“Let’s ask ourselves some questions.” Would we have a secure future for Poland if the budget was still full of holes like a sieve? How would our borders be pockmarked like a sieve? We wouldn’t, because then a wave of illegal immigrants would invade Poland (…) There is also a plan in the West, in Brussels and Berlin, for waves of immigration to flood us here, so that Poland would not be as safe a country as it is (…) Would we have energy security if all the companies, and this is the plan of the other side, were sold to the French, to the Germans into foreign hands, as they did for 25 years of the Third Polish Republic? (…) If not for 500 plus, 800 plus, 13th, 14th pension? Would we have such a future? No, we wouldn’t have said the head of government.

Morawiecki: Let’s beware of those dyed foxes

Convincing to vote for the United Right, he spared no words of criticism of the Civic Platform and its chairman, Donald Tusk.

– Let us be aware of what the future threatens if Poles sleep through these elections. If the Poles, who have finally breathed a sigh of relief, think to themselves “my cottage from the country”, let it be as it is. We cannot think like that, because PO’s policy is the policy of liquidating police stations, liquidating jobs, working for PLN 4 per hour, poverty of pensioners, poverty of children, lack of armament in our army, liquidated military units, gaping border. This is the PO program (…) Let’s beware of those dyed foxes, in particular one dyed fox, Morawiecki continued.

Morawiecki: We keep hearing “no” or rather “nein”

He accused the PO chairman of being the “implementer of this German policy”. He argued that the government could never count on the support of this group in disputes between Warsaw and Berlin. He also criticized the fact that PO voted in the Sejm against the organization of the aforementioned referendum.

– Politely, ears after himself, and he carried out Weber’s plan (…) Notice that they have no program at all. Do you know where you can read their program? In German newspapers (…) “No” to Polish power plants, such as Turów and Bełchatów. To close. “No” to Polish mines. There you will read “no” to Polish ports, as in Świnoujście or Elbląg, which we want to build (…) “No” to Polish plans to use rivers. We want to deepen the Oder, make dams on the Vistula. We hear “no” all the time, or rather “nein”. Tusk knows this word very well (…) On October 15, we will chase Tusk the vermin (…) The opposition voted against allowing Poles to express their opinion in a referendum (…) This is an anti-democratic opposition – argued Morawiecki.

Prime Minister surrounded by Poles

After the meeting in Gorlice, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki posted photos showing him in close proximity to Poles. The Prime Minister wrote about the great atmosphere of the meeting, but also about the challenge that awaits his formation. “We have a big challenge ahead of us – we need to reach the top of the Law and Justice electoral list in order to continue to ensure a safe future for Poland”– he wrote. “Don’t let the Civic Platform take away your vote. Let’s be aware of the future that threatens Poles if they sleep through these elections,” he said to the followers.

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