Could Lukas Podolski be fired? The coach’s words are thought-provoking

Could Lukas Podolski be fired?  The coach's words are thought-provoking

Jan Urban commented on the actions of Lukas Podolski, who hopes for a quick change of ownership. The player and the fans are not satisfied with how the club is managed.

Górnik Zabrze has good results in the Ekstraklasa, which allows it to even dream of being at the top of the league. In the meantime, there is still an ongoing dispute between the club’s authorities (which are influenced by the city) and the most ardent fans – Torcida – supported by Lukas Podolski. The 2014 world champion cares deeply about the fate of the clubs. He wants a private investor to take over the club from the city.

Jan Urban comments on Podolski’s actions

In Zabrze, it has been said for many years that Górnik is managed by the mayor of the city, Małgorzata Mańka-Szulik. Officially, the club has a president, but due to its dependence, he must have good contact with the city authorities. The fans do not like the way the 14-time Polish champion is managed. Every now and then, internal conflicts and verbal quarrels come to light. Podolski’s entries also generate a lot of interest, as he was able to show the behind-the-scenes of the Zabrze academy.

In between all this is Jan Urban. The coach, who was fired after a good 2021/22 season, returned to the club after a year and continues to record good results. In an interview with TVP Sport, however, he was asked not only about them. Although he tries to remain neutral, the 61-year-old said that in a different situation, after such actions as Podolski, the player would no longer be in the club.

– In a normal situation, a player doesn’t behave like that because he would simply be fired from the club. These are his decisions… On the other hand, I think that his behavior accelerates some of the city’s decisions. I also believe that clubs should be in private hands, not the city. Local governments should limit themselves to helping clubs. In Europe, such situations when the city is the owner are unlikely to happen, Urban said.

Lukas Podolski’s career

Lukas Podolski joined Górnik in 2021. Previously, he represented, among others, Antalayspor, Galatasaray, Inter Milan and Arsenal. He played 130 matches for the German national team.

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