We have a new Polish pentathlon champion. The favorite took the title

We have a new Polish pentathlon champion.  The favorite took the title

Paulina Ligarska won the gold medal of the Polish Indoor Championships in women's pentathlon. Fierce competition lasted until the last seconds of the competition, although there was no big star.

Already on the first day, we witnessed the women's pentathlon competition, which faced each other in various competitions practically throughout Saturday. However, we did not see the biggest star in action, who is also an all-around athlete – Adrianna Sułek. The Polish Olympian recently became a mother and is not yet able to take part in competitions, even though she took great care to stay in shape during her pregnancy in preparation for the Olympic Games. However, such athletes as Paulina Ligarska and Julia Słocka took part.

HMP. Fierce competition in the women's pentathlon

It was Ligarska and Słocka who performed best in the first competition, i.e. the 60-meter hurdles. The first one hit the mat with a time of 8.51 seconds, while the second one achieved a result of 8.64. Right behind her was Sophia Mulder, and these three multi-athletes led the overall table. Not much changed after the high jump either. This time, the best result was the OŚ AZS Poznań player, as she was the only one to reach a height of 1.77 meters. It was her personal record. Słocka and Ligarska finished 3 centimeters lower in this competition.

In the shot put, the last one was the best. She sent it as high as 14.45 meters. This result was more than a meter better than Słocka's second and Mulder's third. Other participants of the Polish Indoor Championships did not give up, although only one of the favorites, Joanna Bujarowicz, shone in the long jump. The 21-year-old from MLUKS Mokasyna Płoty flew to 5.96 meters, overtaking second place Słocka and third Ligarska by 5 and 8 centimeters, respectively.

Gold for Ligarska

The women's pentathlon competition came to an end in the 800-meter race, where Mulder quickly took a huge lead. Born in the Netherlands, she ran so fast that she even had a chance to break her personal record. She crossed the finish line with a time of 2:10.47. Ligarska was second (2:15.66), and Patrycja Gajewska (2:19.96) was third, so everything went as expected.

As Słocka crossed the finish line fourth (2:20.14), she was overtaken in the general classification and finished the competition in last place on the podium. Ligarska took the gold, and Mulder took the silver

General classification of women's pentathlon

  1. Paulinga Ligarska (SKLA Sopot) – 4,438 points

  2. Sophia Mulder (OŚ AZS Poznań) – 4,366 points

  3. Julia Słocka (KS AZS AWF Warszawa) – 4,290 points

  4. Patrycja Gajewska (SKLA Sopot) – 3,840 points

  5. Kornelia Sura (KS AZS AWF Warszawa) – 3,802 points

  6. Joanna Bujarowicz (MLUKS Mokasyn Płoty) – 3,727 points

  7. Olga Kumczyło (AZS-AWF Gorzów) – 2,954 points

  8. Nadia Nowak (KS AZS AWF Wrocław) – 2,897 points

  9. Edyta Bielska (SKLA Sopot) – 2,453 points

  10. Agnieszka Krok (AZS KU Opole University of Technology, Opole) – 2,267 points

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