Netflix did it last time. DVDs are headed to customers

Netflix did it last time.  DVDs are headed to customers

Netflix shut down its oldest service today and sent movie DVDs by mail for the last time. The old method has been used for many years, and now users can count on a gift.

Netflix, as announced today, has cut off its DVD-by-mail rental service. Years ago, the classic method first made a name for the company, which now derives most of its profits from completely online subscriptions.

Netflix ends DVD on September 29

“Netflix will ship its last DVD on September 29, 2023. Despite this, the red envelope remains an enduring symbol of our love for entertainment,” the company’s official Twitter/ account wrote. At the same time, the company unveiled a commemorative billboard.

The matter has been known since April this year, but for many today is the end of an era. Netflix (and started by sending movies as part of a rental service, and the service was maintained for a long 25 years.

The first disk uploaded was Beetlejuice, way back in 1998. Since then, the company has mailed as many as 5.2 billion media to 40 million customers, using distinctive red envelopes. This color still dominates the company’s graphic identification, although now we know it mainly from a popular application.

Netflix sends DVDs to customers – it’s a gift

Interestingly, about a month before the service was closed, Netflix announced a very interesting way to get rid of unnecessary discs. The company intends to distribute them to its community. Netflix has announced an amnesty of sorts. After September 29, no fee will be charged for film discs rented and not returned to the company. This means that American subscribers of the classic Netflix service will actually receive rented movies as a gift.

But that’s not all. The company also offered that interested subscribers could apply for a free package of CDs. Up to 10 more DVDs will be sent to them by mail on the last day of the service.

However, it is supposed to be a surprise, or rather one big unknown. The company will not confirm how many discs it sends, what films they will be or whether we are on the list at all. If we agree to participate in the campaign, we may, but do not have to, obtain the CD. We will only find out about it when we open the mailbox.

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